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School Transport On-Line Application / Tickets

Posted by Schooldays Newhound, on 30/03/2021. School Transport On-Line Application / TicketsTags: Parenting Teachers

To use School Transport Scheme Services, pupils must be in possession of a valid ticket for travel.

School Transport Applications 2021/2022

Bus Éireann’s on-line application system for school transport is now open for the 2021/22 school year.

The closing date for School Transport Applications is Friday, 30 April, 2021.

How to Apply

Apply on-line now @\schooltransport

Submitting Statement of Attendance Form during the current Covid-19 Period of Restrictions

-Guide for schools: Submitting Statement of Attendance Form during the current Covid-19 Period of Restrictions
-School Transport - Statement of Attendance Form

Important Information regarding school administration issues during the current public health emergency Schools administration during the current public health emergency

Schools administration during the current public health emergency




(30/03/2021 22:11)

I've applied for school bus for 3 of my kids, however it's saying no service available.
Is there a grant I can apply for instead for remote areas?
Regards, Siobhán


(31/03/2021 10:17)

We believe there is a Remote Area Grant, please check out section 7 of this document

There is a phone number at the end of the document which you can contact to see if the scheme is still operational.

Michelle Donaghy

(02/04/2021 14:05)

Hi I'm applying for 1 child


(04/04/2021 19:22)

Hi my child is in 6th class. Will she automatically transfer to secondary or do I have to reapply

Angela Mc bride

(05/04/2021 10:22)

Hi what about this year I paid for the full year and he the school wasn’t open so what happen s now do I get my money back or do they move it for this year Angie Mc bride

Kathleen Sweeney

(04/08/2021 21:48)

I need to know when my three daughters also post primary will get their concessionary tickets. Transport is from Tara Court Letterkenny to Loreto Secondary school. Why are we left waiting when I paid 50% on 17th of June. It's an absolute disgrace. Parents & guardians need to speak up. I have emailed Bus Eireann & I am still left in the dark, not good enough.


(16/08/2021 09:47)

Child starting Secondary school on 27th Aug 2021 and I have been told by CIE today via telephone Mon 16th Aug 2021 that no decision has been made yet on my Childs seat. CIE took payment prompt enough but cant make prompt decisions. Shocking treatment from Gov run service form Dept of Transport. They should not be able to continue this shocking school bus scheme in its current form as it leaves people in the dark and unable to say if their child has a seat on a bus the week before they start school. If this was a private company allowed to operate like this they simply would not be in business as no one would use them if their service was this bad. Service not fit for purpose as parents who have paid good money may face the very late inconsiderate decision by CIE and may have to make alternative arrangements for their child to get to school despite having had their child's application approved and payment accepted months ago.

Carmel Cavanagh

(16/08/2021 21:35)

I have 4 boys got my tickets today for just 3 of my boys need to get 4 ticket before the 25 of august


(20/08/2021 11:21)

Hi. What can be done if my child does not get a concessionaire seat on the bus to attend post primary school? What are my options?


(23/08/2021 13:44)

Where do we find the bus departure locations and times? I ave the ticket but no idea where and when the bus leaves in the morning time!


(25/08/2021 12:00)

Where can we find bus pick location and times?. Tried ringing. No answer all week.


(25/08/2021 16:06)

Still waiting for school bus ticket. My son is starting school this friday.



(25/08/2021 22:41)

Got my daughters ticket today, no idea what time bus goes or where abouts ?? For the money I at least expected some idea

Louise kearns

(26/08/2021 17:02)

Hi i put in an application a few months back it would not allow me put medical card numbers due to hse hack, and now its saying no seats available, we live over 15 miles from her school and dont understand why there no seats as not many kids use the bus, also just wondering how long before my 2 sons tickets come

Sarah Kerr

(27/08/2021 16:01)

I have a ticket but have no idea what time the bus goes or what time it returns. Impossible to get through to Bus Eireann. Do they not publish a timetable?


(30/08/2021 16:47)

I have applied for a bus ticket for my son Darren Mcinerney
I haven't received it yet
Can u please provide me with an update


(30/08/2021 17:33)

Moved house this yr closest school full medical card does cover if not the nearest school by time cie answered phone portal closed paid the 350 when it re opened child back tomorrow no seat on bus yet once again cant get tru

Patricia Quinlan

(05/09/2021 18:26)

I have been trying to get in contact with buseirenn on the phone for the last 5 days none stop ringing with no success plus I've even got Dublin to email ye and still no reply about tickets for my son were living out the country and need assistance as soon as possible

Pauline hoey

(06/09/2021 11:34)

I have been trying to get through to bus eireann a week now and can’t get anyone on the phone I even went to the office and was told go on line I payed my money on line and still no reply I don’t know if there are seats available or if I am going to get a ticket for my child it’s a nightmare and if I am not getting a ticket i need my refund to try and make other arrangements I just want to know if I am getting a ticket

Gavan Daly

(16/09/2021 13:58)

I have been ringing the Cork Office of the School Transport Scheme for over 2 weeks, for an update on getting the payment of €350 refunded. I have been told we are not being offered a place, but subsequently I received a further email to say Bus Eireann are working trough applications. The phones are not being answered, I have sent emails to, which alose have been unanswered. A bit of common courtesy to reply to an email would go a long way and could be as simple as "We note your application and it will be 1 month before your fee is refunded". Can someone in the Cork Office contact me please. Best regards, Gavan Daly


(21/10/2021 10:32)

Just received an email saying school buses are not back to full capacity yet, still have no bus tickets.

Esther Mabona Williams

(15/11/2021 16:59)

Hi I need help to get my kids on the school bus. I have been ring and I emailed still no answer. Thank you


(02/02/2022 12:35)

Hi I have put down my 2 kids and it’s saying there not eligible as where not 3.2km from the school google maps says where 3.3km away from the school.


(09/02/2022 22:56)

Hi I've applied for my daughter's bus ticket for September it's saying no seats available but now I'm seeing applications are now open for 2022/23 and close end of April could you please explain

B Marian

(22/02/2022 19:04)

My granddaughter moved schools and is accepted in our local school 9km away.Is there a grant and can I APPLY FOR A TICKET NOW FOR THE NEXT TERM There is space on the bus. Many thanks.


(25/04/2022 08:01)

hi i registered my child for bus
but i didnt get an email to confirm

Elizabeth Barry

(12/06/2022 11:48)

Would like to know wether I can still apply for 2 children attending post primary and the cost please.

Rodz C.

(16/06/2022 15:53)

Hi, can i still register for school bus transport and if not what other options? Thanks


(13/07/2022 02:42)

Hi,I already registered my two children's bus transport, but I didn't get any email regarding payment. I would like to know is the payment is started already /not.thanks,

Marie connellan

(18/07/2022 08:47)

Application for blathneid fertear was made last summer. The application is active. I have already contacted you re payment for her bus ticket. Can I get a link for her payment.


(18/07/2022 21:43)

Hi, I want to register for my 3 kids for school bus, we just moved home, any option?
Thank you

Brian Kelly

(26/07/2022 14:43)

Hi I have been trying to login to your website to renew my sons school bus ticket but without success .I have tried to phone you without success.I was sent an email to go online but no atter how I try I cannot log in this happened last year also .Stranorlar keeps saying contact this number but no reply from them even though they have my number and my sons details which I gave to them .What do I do now
Thankyou .I await your reply.
Brian Kelly


(18/08/2022 04:51)

Good morning please 🙏 am still waitng for my daugter school bus card i have applied ,but then i was staying with a friend in 28 bracklin Park here in edgeworthstown i use her adress to apply but we are living in 1A abhainn glass edgeworthstown, please we need card .thanks

Maeve Conlon

(18/08/2022 14:48)

Looking for ticket for my daughter Caoimhe Dillon for secondary school next week.


(22/08/2022 14:19)


Does any one know where we find out where the kids get collected in the morning for the bus? Been on the phone half hour now trying to get through


(24/08/2022 08:57)

Enquiries about the School Bus scheme need to be made directly to Bus Eireann - Schooldays cannot assist with enquiries and has no role in the issue of tickets.
Information on the scheme can be found here

Fiona donohoe

(29/08/2022 07:50)

I have ordered my 3 tickets mths ago and still haven't received them and my kids have been on this bus for yrs ,when will I get my tickets as they are not aloud on the school bus

Sharon Wilson

(29/08/2022 14:52)

I have recently changed address but my child continues to attend the same school how can I get her bus ticket changed to new address


(07/11/2022 13:19)

Antoni Cauê

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