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xmas revision courses

re... : xmas revision courses           reply
16/12/2006 14:45 - Homework
You lucky Mum,

How many parents wish their children would actually request to do more study. I think it´s brilliant and if you can afford it then what is the problem. Better that than wasting on material things which don´t have such long lastying effects. I applaud your sons conscientiousness - just ne sure the program you spend on is a good one tho´. In fact can you say which one it is?? I run a study skills programme and that is very useful but self discipline for a student and motivation is always the challenge - but hey that´s a human trait.



xmas revision courses           reply
03/11/2006 08:22 - Homework
My leaving cert son is asking to do some revision courses over the xmas period in a number of subjects. It´s quite expensive and while I am willing to spend the money I don´t think he really needs it. He is quite bright and his results to date have been good. I feel it is more through anxiety and perhaps some peer pressure (a few of his friends are doing the courses) that he is asking. I am inclined to say no to him but don´t want to increase any anxieties he has about his exams. Maybe it would be money well spent. Any views anyone?

re : xmas revision courses           reply
18/11/2006 20:19 - Homework
If you can afford the high fees many of the revision colleges charge and your son wants to do the course, I would be inclined to let him. It can be hard to get into the study mode over the christmas period and a good revision course helps to keep him focussed and build confidence.

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