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so confused ???

so confused ???           reply
28/02/2007 13:09 - Pre-school / Montessori
My first born son who is 4 next month (march) is registered to start school in sept, but i dont know whether or not to send him this year or next when he will be 5 and a half. he has been in montessori for a year and his teacher says he is more than ready that we have nothing to worry about but yet i am worrying all the same?
He had no problems starting montessori and has loads of friends but i am hearing from others that "oh i didn,t send so and so till later and it was the best thing i ever did" the more i hear the more confused i become.

re... : so confused ???           reply
10/10/2008 22:50 - Pre-school / Montessori
i was the same with my first born but she has been in school now for two months and i have to say it was the best decision to start her at thatage.she has mutured over night.

re : so confused ???           reply
28/02/2007 15:26 - Pre-school / Montessori
Think you really have to go with your own instincts on this one. You know your own child best. If he is keeping pace with his older peers who are starting school with him he will probably be fine. All that said, my son´s birthday falls in June and I had him scheduled to start the following september but I ended up holding him back for another year. There were two reasons - one I didn´t think he was ready concentration wise. But also because I would rather that in later years in secondary school he was not one of the youngest in his class. If he was in the older group he may be less prone to bullying and peer pressure. Might not work out that way but I thought the added maturity might improve his odds and lessen problems in later school years. Taking the long term view I know but its worth a thought. Sorry to add to your confusion!

re... : so confused ???           reply
01/03/2007 14:06 - Pre-school / Montessori
Thanks for the reply mum.I know exactly what your saying about the later years and secondary school the same questions have been running through my mind ? Sorry to say i am still no further on ,on my quest to know what the right thing to do is but then again do we ever know what the right thing to do is ??? I will just have to follow my heart on this one i think.... thanks!

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