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montessori teacher

montessori teacher           reply
02/02/2010 14:34 - Pre-school / Montessori
i am wonderimg how much an hour a montessori teacher gets paid ? also with the new goverment scheme will montessori teachers get paid for school holidays such as easter from employers , is there anybody else in the same position

re... : montessori teacher           reply
09/03/2011 23:54 - Pre-school / Montessori
no monti teachers are off over the summer so no pay! unless they are working in a creche where they can work in another room for the summer.wages in my area from min-11e

re : montessori teacher           reply
03/08/2010 11:17 - Pre-school / Montessori
You need to check with the Montessori schools´ association and also do a check on the pay slabs across government aided preschools.

re : montessori teacher           reply
13/02/2010 21:44 - Pre-school / Montessori
Hi afaik between min wage and 15 per hr. not too sure with the free pre school.

re : montessori teacher           reply
07/07/2010 20:43 - Pre-school / Montessori
I believe the going rate is between 12 and 15 euros an hour. But many montessori teachers in all day daycare centres may be getting just minimum wage. Not sure about getting paid for holidays and stuff. I am in the same boat. Looking for a job and then I want to rent a house but not sure what to do next summer when school is on holidays. Do montessori teachers get NOTHING for summer holidays??

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