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lunch breaks

lunch breaks           reply
11/01/2008 17:20 - Childrens Health
Isn´t play one of the children´s rights?
I would like your reactions on the ridiculously short lunchbreaks.
In our school the children get disciplined by taking 10 minutes of their 20 minutes lunchbreak! I think this is horrible, and could be called child abuse. Lunch break should be exactly that:a break from school, from sitting down and concentrating all day. Taking that time away from children is criminal. There must surely be other ways to disciplin a child?

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21/01/2008 13:58 - Childrens Health
I don´t knnow what´s wrong with the good old 100 lines of @ I shalll never.....etc,etc. It worked when I was small, and I still played!
I asked thePA to talk about this with the principal, they said they did, but it obviously didn´t help.
I also breached this subject with the teacher, and she came up with the idea to take time of PE. WHy ? Nobody would think of taking time of maths or English. PE is just as important, unless we do want to turn into a fat nation...

re... : lunch breaks           reply
21/01/2008 14:33 - Childrens Health
children should not be deprived of PE as a punishment unless they are a danger to themselves or others or bold during PE. As to lines, problem is, children won´t do them very often

re : lunch breaks           reply
15/01/2008 09:27 - Childrens Health
Would have thought that schools were obliged to provide minimum break periods for our kids and am surprised that they are allowed curtail it even for disciplinary reasons. Might be worth asking the Parents Assoc to raise the issue with the school and asking the school to consider other disciplinary sanctions rather than curtailing the ridiculously short lunch breaks.

There is another thread on this website re short lunch breaks if you want to have a look,-Lunchtime,-and-their-difficulties.-0709142142

re : lunch breaks           reply
15/01/2008 10:21 - Childrens Health
In our school currently the children are made to stand in the playground as a form of discipline and look at the other children playing..... It´s madness that experienced, qualified professionals cannot come up with something other than that. I would not stand still for 20 mins in the cold or indeed hot sun and don´t think any other adult would either so why expect a child to do it. I am a member of the parents assocation and we are currently preparing a letter to the B of M asking them to review this and was hoping to find some official department of education guidelines, I have come across detention from playtime as a sanction, however, from what I can gather it should be in the school policy on discipline before they can implement it. Any advice from any other parents who have raised this issue would be appreciated.

re... : lunch breaks           reply
15/01/2008 18:01 - Childrens Health
Children are entitled to breaks, unless a child has been violent in the yard I don´t think they should miss a break. As to children " standing out" sometimes there is no other option for the teacher on yard, if a child has been pushing/rough etc..I´d prefer them to be standing out than in the corridor unsupervised

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