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bullying of our 15 yr old daughter

bullying of our 15 yr old daughter           reply
06/10/2007 18:50 - Bullying
Hi there I am new to the site, my name is sandra, we have a 15 yr old daughter which has been bullied for 1st. and second year now in her junior cert year, we have had to pull her out of school, she was having panic attacks and severe stomach problems because of this. It is the same girls all the time, and to make it worse they live around too, so when she went out they were getting her too. We said it to the school, and they washed their hands of it and had no complaints with us taking her out, even though she is 3rd yr. now we are trying to get her into a school outside the area, is this going to be easy or really hard. please if anyone has any ideas let me know, we are at our wits end.


re : bullying of our 15 yr old daughter           reply
11/10/2007 19:42 - Bullying
Hi Sandra, It must be really hard on you and your daughter and it doesn´t help when the school is not supportive. I can understand why you are taking your child out of school, I know that some people would say stand your ground and fight the system but in my opinion you´re doing the right thing by doing what´s best for your child. Hopefully you´ll get her into another school although it might be hard as they may not offer the same subjects your daughter has been doing, but in the long run it would probably be better.

Maybe if she has to stay in her own school for the moment you could see about making arrangements for her to leave before the last class starts so she can avoid these kids, at least that way she can still continue with most of her classes. I would also suggest you keep a log of all incidents of bullying, record where exactly they happened, what happened, who witnessed it and what was done about it, following any incidents write a note to her year head. Then arrange a meeting with her year head to discuss it and ask to see a copy of the bullying policy to check that the correct procedures were followed. You could also ask for your daughter to be allowed speak to the school counsellor who might be able to help her deal with it.

Best of luck with it all.

re : bullying of our 15 yr old daughter           reply
15/01/2008 22:59 - Bullying
Sandra ,
How are you ,I have just logged into this and am dying to know how your daughter is and if you moved school,just yesterday had a neighbour -father of a 15 yr old in junior cert call in and pour his heart out -so upset as his son is being bullied almost since 1st year -my advice was to move school as no support from present school.
I hope your situation has improved and that your daughter is coping alright -a most awful situation .

re : bullying of our 15 yr old daughter           reply
08/10/2007 08:30 - Bullying
Thats awful Sandra. I can understand why you would want to take your daughter out of the school but it seems so wrong that the school can just wash their hands of the issue. At least consider putting the issue on the record in writing to the Principal and Board of Management - its very hard for the school to ignore it when its in writing.

As far as I know once your child has a place in a local school, no other school is obliged to take her. However as it is a 3rd yr rather than a 1st year place you are looking for I think you have a better chance of getting a place. It´s always easier to persuade someone of your dilemma face-to-face so I would try and get an appointment with the Principal of the school you would like to transfer to to explain the situation.

I hope it works out.

re : bullying of our 15 yr old daughter           reply
09/10/2007 12:18 - Bullying
definitely put your issues in writing. It often happens that a principal will not report issues like this to the Board of Management as it could reflect badly on their own performance in not being able to handle an issue. It is possible the Board isn´t even aware of what is going on. It isn´t right to have to take your daughter out of school but if you do so, at least if your write to the Board you´ll know that you have done all possible to make school handle the issue. This may also make it easier to support your wish to transfer her to another school.

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