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bullying by teachers

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01/04/2007 15:10 - Bullying
My son is only 8 and i have had similar problems with schools in ireland. being a teacher myself i found this extremely distressing . Eventually i changed school after 2 years of constant problems. Since september he has been getting on much better as he is now in an ´educate together´ school and i have been working closely with his teacher to help solve his difficulties. recently he was diagnosed with adhd something which teachers and principal in his old school would not consider because he wasnt overly HYPER but they obviously didnt know of the other syptoms of this disorder of which there are many! Whle my reaction of taking him from the school didnt solve the overlying bullying problem with those teachers it did help my son and i . at the end of the day to sacrifice my sons happiness and education while waiting to change a very corrupt and wrong system just wasn´t worth it. we moved he´s happier and is now getting thehelp he so rightly needs and deserves.

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15/05/2007 18:35 - Bullying
A. Schools cannot expel a student for such menial offences, in fact schools cannot legally expel any child unless they are overtly violent or a threat to themselves and others.
B. They cannot deny a child a lunch break.
C. The child should be referred for an assessment.
D. See the schools policy on discipline and it´s policy on bullying.
E. Do not accept that the school is an authority on everything, it´s not.
F. Do not take any crap...schools get away with too much and have less power than they think

bullying by teachers           reply
21/03/2007 14:33 - Bullying
Hi i need advice my grandson started secondary school last september he as been surspended 3 times in that space of time
the last time my daughter was called in and the headmaster put a plan into action
The plan was that my grandson could not go out at lunch time untill he said he could we did not mind the punishment but the conditions that went with it was but let me say why he got in trouble my grandson looses consuntration very quickly and has been known to start sining in class his teachers ask him to stop and he gets moody some of the teachers have said that we should concidder geting him tested for ADHD
Now back to the conditions that was put with the plan so to speak
1, that if my grandson was allowd back to school he had to agree to his terms
2, that if my daughter did not allow this then my grandson would be exspelled and would not be aloud to register at an other school as he would give a bad report so any other school wont except him
In my oppinion that is useing bullying to control him instead of helping to find a solution to the problem
WHen i explained that he as a lot on his mind because in the past year my self and my eldist daughter were diagnosed with cancer and his granddad on his farthers side as also been diagnosed with cancer so he has a lot on his mind
But the teachers dont wont to listen they gust wont to show him that they are in control i am afraid that if this attuide keeps up it would push him to concider trying to take his life as children under pressure can turn to this way out
i hope some one has ways to advise please excuse spelling as i am not very good at it

re... : bullying by teachers           reply
28/03/2007 14:27 - Behaviour / Discipline
Hi Patricia,

I currently am having problems with our school and my advice to your daughter would be to request a meeting with the board of management to say that she is not happy with the way the school is dealing with your grandson. If nothing is done, you should ring your local education welfare officer and he/she will point you in the right direction. You can also contact the ISPCC and the Ombudsman´s office for children.

I hope this helps you´re grandson has rights too.

re : bullying by teachers           reply
23/03/2007 16:04 - Bullying
Hi Patricia
It might be worth contacting the Bullying Helpline to talk through your problem The helpline is rune by the National Association of Parents and they might be able to give you some advice on how to approach your concerns. Their numbers are 05786 61666 (10am-6pm) or 05786 20598 (8pm-9am) both of which are open seven days a week. I hope they can help.

re... : bullying by teachers           reply
16/09/2007 17:09 - Behaviour / Discipline
Find out why he was suspended..if he might be ADHD, get him on a list for assessement and if the school is bullying him, get onto the principal, tha´t very serious..

re : bullying by teachers           reply
04/04/2007 14:25 - Bullying
Hi Patricia,

Your grandson couldn´t be expelled so quickly over something like that and he is afterall under 16 years of age, they are just trying scare tactics, that probably works with a child who is just trying to act tough but it´s obvious your grandson has lots on his plate at the moment.

Why not go back to the Principal with a few of your own ideas, you could ask that they arrange to have him assessed with an educational psychologist to see if he has ADHD, this will take a bit of time to arrange and you may have to contribute to the cost. In the meantime is there a Chaplain in the school or a Guidance Counsellor that your grandson could talk to as this would really be of benefit to him. Your daughter should talk to her son and see what does he feel about it, he probably would love to have it sorted and not be causing upset at home and so if he is asked to help solve the ´problem´ then he will feel more included and it will probably all be sorted faster. Is he allowed have a bottle of water in class, if he is maybe he could take a quick drink of it when he finds he is not concentrating, I heard recently that drinking water helps people with a short attention span, not sure how true that is but might be worth a try.

But maybe even with all that your daughter should consider that maybe the school isn´t the right one for her son, there are lots of schools out there that have better ways of dealing with teenagers.

Maybe let people on this forum know what area he lives in and you might get some feedback on a nicer school for him. Good luck!

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