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boys in primary school

boys in primary school           reply
21/11/2008 13:33 - Miscellaneous
I wonder if I am the only one that thinks female teachers have no idea how to treat boys in primary school.
It´s not a surprise to me that boys underachieve later on, because they are not allowed being themselves in female dominated primary school.
In my son´s class, often all the boys are kept inside for misbehaving. Mostly though, it is just boyish behaviour. They are not interested in Irish dancing or yoga, all they want is play soccer to relax. They do act differently than girls and find it harder to sit still.90 Procent of the boys in his class have been diagnosed with some kind of problem , the favourite being ADHD. (My son isn´t, only because we refuse to even give them the chance to label him)
I think primary schools are where the problems with boys start.
My youngest daughter goes to a different school, with one male teacher. He takes everyone out for 20 minutes exercise before classes start, he discusses soccer with the kids in a very boyish way, and it works wonders. The girls love it and the boys are much happier in that school then anywhere else.
My son doesn´t want to move school, he is ten and friends mean everything to him.
But I feel his great creativity and humorous mind is being undermined by teachers who just want the average child in the class: the one that always sits still and never misbehaves or objects to anything.

re : boys in primary school           reply
27/11/2008 21:45 - Miscellaneous
hi girl i think it depends on the teacher if she has a thing for kids or not my son had a lady teacher in senior infants and i found her cold compare to when my other son had her 2yrs before that then she was a nice teacher to deal with but when my other son had her she was different she was un aproachable and you couldnt say anything to her she looked as if she wasnt interested in the childs welfare.

re : boys in primary school           reply
23/11/2008 20:35 - Miscellaneous
Hi there, I felt I had to post a comment after reading your message. As a female primary school teacher I take incredible offence to your ignorant and one sided comments. To imply that all female teachers can´t relate to boys and in fact, don´t even try, is an outrage. I have taught in an all boys school for the past nine years and have loved every minute of working and challenging every age group of boys from 4 to 12 years of age. I wouldn´t have a huge interest in soccer and gaelic but I make a point of having lively discussions with my class about favourite players, teams and matches. I am constantly discovering new ways of challenging their creativity and developing their personalities. I cannot believe you would label all female teachers as only wanting the average child in a classroom. I meditate with my class once a week and they adore it, so much so that they are constantly asking to have it on more days. In nine years I have had one student diagnosed with a learning disability and to say that all we are interested in is labelling the children in our care should make you ashamed of yourself. In fact it is most often the case that the parents approach the teacher with concerns. Unfortunately we cannot, as educators, allow some children to constantly disrupt the class and I strongly suspect that you would be the first in line if your child was suffering because of the misbehaviour of another. Hopefully I have given some food for thought!

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