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am i alone?

re : am i alone?           reply
16/02/2007 14:55 - Fathers Forum
I´m afraid I´m no real help to you at all - the "am I alone" tag line caught my eye. When I read your post I thought you had your hands full - I hope you aren´t as alone as you sound - hopefully you are receiving much needed support through a range of networks. You probably noticed that there is an article on home-schooling on the homepage of this website provided by the Home Education Network whose website also provides a lot of useful links re homeschooling - However I would guess you are probably an expert by now on all the homeschooling websites!

am i alone?           reply
11/02/2007 21:58 - Fathers Forum
any other fathers out there that are schooling at home....need some help and advice....i have adhd with odd and growth problems......

re... : am i alone? not anymore           reply
16/02/2007 20:39 - Fathers Forum
thankye orla, I am the dominant male, who needs help in knowing how to calm down when confronted with my boy 14 and half years old starts,,,,,but i am patient

re... : am i alone? not anymore           reply
24/09/2009 19:17 - Fathers Forum
I am a dad on my own bringing up a teenage daughter 14 going on 25 and the way I was brought up in my early years has long gone out the window. Between the drinking and smoking and the boys its a nerve racking experience and I always have to be one foot ahead of her. We live in Essex in a fairly small town and sometimes its a nightmare keeping tabs on her. Mum pushed off about 4 months ago for a younger model so while I love looking after my daughter, it has its moments. There is lots of help here if we need it but at the end of the day its all down to the parent. She has gone missing several times in the past and I have had half the Essex police force looking for her but thank God all ended well. I was brought up in Castleblakeney, in Co, Galway and moved to England in 1962. Bringing children up as a single parent is not easy and I now know only too well what a mother has to go through in this seemingly thankless task....but it is worth it. I have always wanted a daughter and as my only one it is lovely to hear her say `OK Dad` `Love You` This makes it all worth while. My age is not with me on this one as I am nearing 60 and my heart has a few problems, but it is the thought that I can see my daughter every day and watch her grow to a lovely young woman, however she will fair out after I part this life, that makes it all worth while. recession does not make life too easy at this moment, but that will change......................Lovely to be on this and to contribute.......

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