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afterschool club

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07/09/2006 17:37 - Afterschool Care
My daughters is in 4th class in primary school. She brought a note home yesterday to say the school were running a Homework Club this year for 2nd to 6th class students for one hour after school. €196 till Halloween -about 7 weeks. Anyone any views on homework clubs in Primary School - does it make the day a bit too long for the younger ones?

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07/09/2006 17:40 - Afterschool Care
First question I´d ask is does your child need this? It seems very expensive as well, can´t say I like the idea of my eight year old staying in after school any longer than necessary.

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04/09/2006 20:18 - Afterschool Care
My teenage son is asking to be allowed do his homework in the school´s homework club after school before he comes home. He is in 5th year. Has anybody experience of homework clubs. In general do they help discipline the student to do his homework immediately after school or would I be better off to have him come home so I can know how much, or how little effort he is putting in?

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07/12/2006 20:14 - Afterschool Care
As a private provider of Afterschool Activites I really do understand your concerns. I am a parent and also an educator. I fully believe in a rounded experience for children and also in the promotion of creative and independent learning with support. Kids love to "belong" but as a provider I work in partnership with You the parent and the Child. We are unique in this sense as we are conscientious about individual needs.

I wonder what you get for your payment per term e.g 1 hour, food fun tuition??? Please let me know


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24/09/2006 16:18 - Afterschool Care
My daughter finds it very useful because she has her homework finished in school and has the afternoon free. If she has any difficulties there is a teacher to help her. I think it has made her more disciplined and organised about her schoolwork. No complaints

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05/09/2006 08:41 - Afterschool Care
My view is that you should allow him to do it on a trial basis and show him that you trust him to be responsible for his own future. This is a concept that is use widely in Europe from a very early age. In Italy they have ´homework clubs´ from once they start school - for example at primary level they start school at 8am and finish at 6pm - however in return they homework is finished and they are free at home for the evening.

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