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Walking Bus - what's your experience

re : Walking Bus - what´s your experience           reply
08/04/2008 14:59 - Parents Associations
We have been running a very successful Walk Bus for a year now. We have been extremely lucky with our volunteers and their commitment. It has cut down considerably on the traffic in and around the school and feedback from the principal suggests that the kids are relaxed and ready to learn when they arrive at school! We have 3 routes running with about 15 to 20 kids on each route. We have had great support from Fingal County council in fixing the pavements, supplying hi vis jackets and rain capes. Initially we sent out the questionnaire out to parents, received feedback and decided on the routes and bus stops. There is a co-ordinator for each route who is a point of contact for volunteers and parents for children walking on the bus when needed. It was a little work at the start, but once established the bus really works and the volunteers who help run it are really reliable and trustworthy.

re : Walking Bus - what´s your experience           reply
11/11/2008 23:23 - Parents Associations
Rathmichael National School have had walking buses for a number of years now. Contact them on 2824794 or search them on youtube for a feature recently aired on The Afternoon Show.

good luck...It´s a great way to get the kids ready for their day as it allows them to socialise before they start learning. Healthy side of it is a given! : )

Walking Bus - what´s your experience           reply
30/01/2008 22:11 - Parents Associations
We´ve had a Parents Association contact us with the following query. If your school has participated in a ´Walking Bus´ scheme please help the Parents Association below by providing some feedback here.

"Parking at our school is limited, but the amount of parents parking at the school is increasing.We have asked parents if they could cycle/walk to the school, to try and alleviate some of the congestion. The Parents Comm. are trying to look into setting up a ´´Walking bus´´ We are trying to encourage groups of children in one area to walk together with a couple of parents each morning.

We have read articles in the past about this scheme, but cannot find a particular school to try and get some feedback. Is anyone out there running a successful ´Walking Bus´ scheme?

re... : Walking Bus - what´s your experience           reply
12/03/2009 10:56 - Parents Associations
We are trying to set up a walking bus for our school at the moment
any help or advice anyone could give would be great

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