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Video Games

Video Games           reply
26/02/2015 00:00 - Behaviour / Discipline
I was just wondering are other parents facing issues regarding their children playing certain video games. I have over the last few months become very concerned regarding a specific game. My son has been constantly asking me about getting this game, which is fine, because I can understand that if his class mates are playing it he doesn´t want to feel left out. However, under no circumstances will he be getting this specific game. I have discussed with him the reasons why this game is not suitable and he does understand why I won´t be getting it for him. However, I am astonished to find out that this is game is being played by children as young as 8 and 9 years of age i.e. 3rd and 4th class all the way up to 6th. He has told me about conversations that the boys are having on the yard about this game and the graphic details of what he is repeating back to me is something you would expect to hear maybe from a kids of 16 plus at least. I know he is not access the content via the internet or other modes because I have security locks on our devices at home. I have spoken to the school about my concerns and am waiting for a response. I suppose my question is while I feel that I am trying to do the right thing by my son of 11, he is surrounded by an almost cult following or engagement of this game. The level of mature themes in this game from drugs, prostitution, violence is something as parents which cannot be "normalized" gaming interest at such a young age. I suppose I just wanted to know if other parents are facing these concerns in primary school.

re : Video Games           reply
18/07/2015 13:14 - Behaviour / Discipline
Hi, I have two boys, one 13 and the other 14.5, and for years I have had to deal with ´but so n so has this game, why can´t I?´ from as far back as 5th class I remember having to say to them ´No, you cannot have over 16 or over 18 games´, esp a certain very popular game (probably the one you are talking about). I think some parents don´t realise that some over 18´s games have sexual content in them, just like some parents don´t realise their kids have access to porn on their phones (have had an issue with my then 12 yr old telling me about a student advising him in the school yard about a certain porn site he could look up naked women 3 years ago!!!)
These games are given age certifications for reasons. Just like I would not allow my boys to watch over 18´s videos I won´t allow them play over 18´s games. Now that they are both in Sec school I have had to bend the rules and allow them to have 15´s games, but the rule still applies for 18´s ones.
And as I have said to them, other parents are perfectly entitled to do and let their kids watch/play whatever they want, but my parenting is different.
I am trying to do my best by them, and make them understand my reasons. They are doing very well in school so the rules we have over gaming isn´t doing them any harm in school or socially.

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