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Tutor for an 8yr old?

Tutor for an 8yr old?           reply
21/02/2007 12:52 - Behaviour / Discipline
Hi, would anyone know if getting a tutor for an 8yr old(9 in June) daydreamer could be of any help? She´s really falling behind in school, she forgets everything going IN to school no matter how much she´s reminded, badgered, even nagged! Then forgets her homework coming OUT of school too!

We´re using 1-2-3 magic´s metods of ´starting´ things in relation to homework, but it´s no good if everything she needs is sitting on her desk in school! Her teacher also reminds her constantly what she needs, she even writes down her homework for her most days, yet we´re still doing well if she comes home with half of what she needs :(

Help!!!! A very frustrated mammy :)

re : Tutor for an 8yr old?           reply
30/09/2007 11:06 - Behaviour / Discipline
Primary School Teacher available to tutor children. Experience in special educational needs and emotional and behavioural difficulties.

re... : Tutor for an 8yr old?           reply
16/09/2007 17:19 - Behaviour / Discipline
Would you consider getting her assessed before you try for a tutor to see if there is an underlying problem..if she is scatty and forgetful ,those are the areas to work on,a tutor would be more for curricular areas...and it seems more that there is a concentration issue.Have you checled her iron levels?Does she take omega oils?

re : Tutor for an 8yr old?           reply
21/02/2007 15:58 - Behaviour / Discipline
Hi Debra
Sounds like you are describing my own daugher when she was eight (now ten). She was always forgetting to bring home the books she needed for homework. I used to think she was doing most of her homework until I got a note home from the teacher and I discovered she wasn´t even taking down half of what they were actually asked to do for homework. It also appeared that she spent quite a lot of time daydreaming and didn´t complete a lot of the work in class. Out of frustration we eventually introduced a system whereby if she forgot books, her homework etc she would have to go to bed early that night, ie. instead of her normal bedtime of 8pm she had to go at 7pm with her little brother. We were surprised how much this seemed to focus her - she hated the early bed times. It might seem like a bit of a negative approach but it worked when all the nagging didn´t. It also made here realise there was a consequence for her actions - or lack of them! She still forgets the odd time but we don´t send here to bed early unless it appears there is a pattern emerging again.

If your daughter doesn´t experience the same memory issues in other areas of her life outside of school it might be worth trying our approach. If you are concerned that she has a broader memory/retention issue, I know there are exercises you can do to improve memory and concentration but I´m not sure where you would find info on this. Maybe other contributors could help you with this.

re : Tutor for an 8yr old?           reply
15/05/2007 18:39 - Behaviour / Discipline
Surely the school has a resource/Learning support teacher that can help you. Try to talk to him/her in order to set up a meeting. Good Luck

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