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TSI (Tourette Support Ireland) Munster

re : TSI (Tourette Support Ireland) Munster           reply
02/06/2013 11:08 - Behaviour / Discipline
Hi my. Name is Nicole I was woundering is the Tourette Munster gouap still going

re : TSI (Tourette Support Ireland) Munster           reply
14/09/2010 15:37 - Behaviour / Discipline
It´s great to see that Munster now has a Tourettes syndrome support group. We will be in the Silver Springs Hotel on the 19th of September with our family and friends. Can´t wait. See you there.

TSI (Tourette Support Ireland) Munster           reply
14/09/2010 15:16 - Behaviour / Discipline
Do you have a child in your class whose behaviour you consider to be "just bad behaviour" - Ain´t "misbehavin" - it might be TS. Impact of Tics:
Tics can impact learning and performance directly and indirectly. The most commonly reported problems are that eye tics and head/neck tics directly interfere with reading and can be very frustrating for the student. Eye, head/neck, and arm tics also directly interfere with handwritten work for a number of students with tics. The indirect impact of tics may be harder to detect but is no less important: any tic can distract the student from concentrating as they become aware of the need to tic building up, severe or
frequent tics can cause pain, frustration, and irritability or weepiness, and/or vocal tics can lead the student to withdraw from class discussions or make them embarrassed to read aloud. Additionally: tics can lead to peer teasing or fear of peer rejection.

The official launch of Tourettes Support Munster will be held in the Silver Springs Hotel, Cork on Sunday, 19th of September 2010 starting at 2.00 p.m. It is an opportunity for parents, children and adults with TS to share information and support each other in a comfortable and non judgemental environment.

We would particularly like to invite those professionals i.e. Teachers, Social Workers, Medical Professionals who come in contact with people with TS to heighten awareness among the general community to allow them to empathise rather than sympathise with those people who have TS.

Guest speakers on the day, Tourette Support Ireland Chairperson, Carol Pitcher. Dr. Louise Connolly, Consultant Psychologist, CAMHS, City General Hospital, Cork will be there to facilitate a questions and answers session.
For more information on the group please contact 087 1702439 or email - please place “Tourettes Support Munster” in the subject line of the mail. Admission is free and there will be complimentary tea and coffee.

If you would like to find out more about Tourette Syndrome please send an email to or call our helpline 087 2982356.

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