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St Benildus and Oatlands

re : St Benildus and Oatlands           reply
29/05/2010 17:22 - School Specific
Hi there

My son is attending Oatlands Primary and we have decided to send him on to Oatlands Secondary when he finishes there. I know a few of the Mum´s who have their boys in the Secondary and seem very happy with it. They say the principal is good, boys are very happy and getting on well academic wise. Like you I am trying to gather as much info as I can and suss out where I think my boy will be happy and achieve as much as he can on the academic front. Little do they know how much we worry about them!! The school are currently in the process of constructing a sports hall too which hopefully will be a great asset when it´s done. I have also heard that there are a big number of names on their waiting list now - I suppose people are re-assessing the private route now in the current economic climate. Benildus is the main school that the boys from Laurences move into it seems - have heard mixed reports on it. EVERYONE in South Dublin is talking about Colaiste Eoin!! I suppose just attend the open days in both and you will get a better feel for each school then. Hope this helps! I have a small girl, and now have to wonder what I will do with her!!

re... : St Benildus and Oatlands           reply
26/04/2010 10:33 - School Specific
Thanks Fizz, I agree I don´t seem to hear anything about Oatlands either good or bad and I wonder why? Yet they still charge to put kid on waiting list!

re : St Benildus and Oatlands           reply
03/09/2010 14:35 - School Specific
Hi there,

I´ve heard Oatlands is like a new school since the new(ish) principal Mr Ryan took over. Apparently, there´s a real push now for academic excellence. Would appreciate any updates from parents in the know as am considering for DS next year. Thanks all. Have a great weekend and a new school year! Mamakins

re : St Benildus and Oatlands           reply
25/04/2010 14:41 - School Specific
Have heard Benildus strong academically but haven´t heard much else about it. Oatlands doesn´t seem to get mentioned much when I hear parents in the area discussing what secondary schools they are considering for their boys - not sure why but it doesn´t seem to rate among the better schools. Know of parents who have sent their two kids to the primary Oatlands school this year and they are very happy with it but yet don´t seem to be considering the secondary Oatlands for the kids!

St Benildus and Oatlands           reply
20/04/2010 19:55 - School Specific (Locality: Dublin South)
I was wondering has anyone any feebdack from their children attending either of the above schools. I have heard very mixed reports about Benildus (some say bullying) others say great if in top class. I have heard nothing about Oatlands but on league tables it does not seem to perfom great (I know these are not the main guide but still important). Where would you send a boy to seocondary in Stillorgan (I know Colaiste Eoin great but I don´t thikn him name down in time for Irish primary). I mainly want school that he can be happy in and reach his full potential.

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