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Son is pushing, pulling, etc, etc

Son is pushing, pulling, etc, etc           reply
09/12/2009 09:47 - Behaviour / Discipline
Hi guys, relly need some help here. our son has just started Junior Infants this year. His teacher met us recently to inform us that he is pushing and pulling other kids in his class. It always seems to happen during break-time and not in class. His teacher had a chat with us and him in the classroom yestaerday. He has started a reward chart that we will see daily how he gets on.
This never happens at home and is somthing completely new to us a we are first time parents.

We really do not know what we can do at home to help. Help Help Hep !!!!

re : Son is pushing, pulling, etc, etc           reply
09/12/2009 15:52 - Behaviour / Discipline
I had a similar problem with my son when he started school and we took the time to explain to him why what he was doing was wrong in as simple as terms as possible.We also had a reward chart which would be filled with a gold star every day his teacher thought he had behaved very well and after 30 days when his chart was full he seemed to have made friends and that behaviour had stopped

re : Son is pushing, pulling, etc, etc           reply
17/09/2010 14:50 - Behaviour / Discipline
I feel for you our son is doing the same started in Junior Infants two weeks ago is only allowed in school for 1 hour a day he has just undergone a needs assessment, and I am beside myself with worry that by only going an hour a day he wont fit in. Am wondering if he is in the right school also as everyone else is on full days from next week and he is still on 1 hour days!!! Poor fella does not even know anyone in his class.

re... : Son is pushing, pulling, etc, etc           reply
11/12/2009 17:42 - Behaviour / Discipline
Obviously you can make these but just also to let you know that Next do great Reward Charts, magnetic stars and wipe boards. My Son is similiar but only 2 and a half, but looks like a 3 year old is so big.

Hope it resolves itself soon.

re... : Son is pushing, pulling, etc, etc           reply
09/12/2009 17:39 - Behaviour / Discipline
Hi Mums,

I think that the reward chart is the perfect way to go and it is great that the teacher is involved. A month is a very long time for a child so if you wanted to, you could split it into a weekly reward for being good. After a few weeks, the behaviour will stop. To further reinforce the idea, you could organise a letter from Santa saying that he noticed that your little boy had stopped pushing etc., in the school yard and he was very pleased. Santa could say that if he keeps this good behaviour up, he will get an extra surprise at Christmas.
Best of Luck & have a very Happy Christmas!

re... : Son is pushing, pulling, etc, etc           reply
06/12/2010 22:46 - Behaviour / Discipline
Hi ,

I´m sorry to hear that your kid is not allowed more then an hour in the classroom , personally I do not think this is right at all.
Your child has a right to education.
My son had terrible trouble settling into the school at first .
Pushing, kicking and temper tantrums . He was kicking the head master , the teacher & pupils.
I started a reward chart at home .
5 stars he gets a treat ie Mc donalds/ Eddie rockets .
And once his chart is full ; 20 stars , he gets something small in Toymaster .
So far this has worked & I have his name down in the Mater Hospital for assessment ( just in case ).

I also think routine , is essential at this point .
The child needs to get his full day at school so he does not feel singled out .
I think its better to keep the star chart at home , if the other boys & girls see a star chart in the class room they might think its unfair that they are not getting one .
It singles the child out again .
I bought a small note book for my kids school bag and got the teacher to make notes on his behavior so I know exactly what went on in the classroom day to day. This notebook is for stars also . So the child gets stars from the teacher but its not a big deal to the other kids that don´t see it.
I would also get in touch with your local hospital/doctor to get an assessment done. He might not need it all all but you are better off having the name on the waiting list , as the lists are long .
Every child has the right to a proper education and this starts at school , a FULL day at school .
I think the teacher/school should be helping you with a solution and not adding to your problems .

Please get in contact if you need any other advice .

Also note that if your child is under 5 he is entittled to a FREE assessment at the hospital

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