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Some advice needed

Some advice needed           reply
18/02/2015 10:22 - Bullying
My soon to be 10 yr old girl (4th class) was bullied by one of her friends in last yr (3 class) as they were friends and I was friends with the mom I tried to sort it out between ourselves. This did not go down well with the mom and demanded that the school sorted it out as it was a school matter and I had no right to bring it to her door. I didn´t believe it was truely a school matter as it was happening outside of school also. The school handled it in line with their new anti bullying policy and the girls were talked to etc. they have remained ´friends´ since this but there has been a few minor incidents since which the school are aware of. My issue/concern is my child seems to be alienated from most of her class now, she is a quiet girl anyway but there has been parties since that she would have been invited to before but not this yr. she had a big party last yr
in which all the girls were invited the other girl declined as her mom was busy that night, we don´t talk anymore (she demanded that´ I apologise for the false Accusations I made against her daughter) Anyway my lo is upset over these parties seems withdrawn when I talk to her bout her other friends in the class. I wonder has the other girl said anything bout what happened last yr or her mom to the other moms and is thus affecting my lo in school. It is very clear to see that something happened as we were very close. I don´t know how to deal with this should i chat to the school or leave it and see how things work out? Please help!!

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