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Sole uniform supplier

re : Sole uniform supplier           reply
03/12/2012 08:23 - Schoolbooks / Uniforms
Hi there
My advice would be to approach it through the Parents Association. Approach the chairperson and ask him/her (might be an idea to put it in writing), to put it on the agenda for discussion at the next PA meeting - presumably there are minutes of PA minutes so you will see the outcome. Stick to the more general issue as to whether having suppliers/sole suppliers to the school on the Board of Mangement is a conflict of interest - avoid the personal issues of the individual losing his temper with you etc so that it does not appear as a personal issue.
In this way you will have brought the issue to the attention of a wider group of parents in the school and hopefully will feel that the issue is considered in a legitimate way, even if you don´t get the outcome you are hoping for.

Sole uniform supplier           reply
01/12/2012 17:38 - Schoolbooks / Uniforms (Locality: Dublin South)
Is it usual for a school´s sole uniform supplier to be on the board of management? This seems like a conflict of interest to me. I had a bad experience with a supplier who by his own admission " lost his temper" with me. I have no choice but to continue to use the supplier. The school were not helpful when I informed them of my difficulty with the supplier and in fact appeared to be very supportive of them. I was shocked when I found out that the man in question was on the board of management. This incident has turned me off the school in question leading me to be reluctant to send my second daughter there. Any advice?

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