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Save Small Schools

Save Small Schools           reply
05/04/2011 12:52 - Announcements (Locality: Clare)
Hi All,

The McCarthy Report proposes the closure of over 600 primary schools (<50 pupils) throughout the Republic of Ireland.

If allowed to happen, consolidation will dramatically increase class sizes diluting the quality of education, and with it the destruction of rural communities. For many communities the school is the last remaining glue that bonds them. They have been part of our heritage for over the last 150 years.

Why should our children´s future and the future of our local economies be held to ransom while the culprits of the current economic situation are bailed to the tune of billions!? Let´s not sacrifice our schools and communities for the wrong doing of others.

We encourage you to support the Save Small Schools campaign by linking to our Facebook page and doing the following:

1. Click on the "Like" at the top of the page

2. Sign our Wall. Please feel to participate in the discussions or add a new topic

3. Most importantly SHARE this Facebook page with your friends by selecting the "Share" link on the left hand column of the page. If you don´t have a Facebook account it takes only a few minutes to set one up, or else forward this email to someone you know that has a Facebook account.

Our Facebook page can be found at:

If we can get enough activity and signatures on the site, the plan is to submit to the Minister for Education.

Thanks for your support,

Tony Collins (Parent)

re : Save Small Schools           reply
31/07/2011 22:37 - Announcements
hi ive heard the all irish school is closing has this is a small school in cavan town can you please let me know has my two children are starting in sept thanks vikki

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