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Want to see more information for St Sylvesters Infant School Malahide Co Dublin , Dublin Fingal ? Click on the link.

Shorter school hours!

Shorter school hours!           reply
24/09/2007 18:51 - School Specific

Is anybody else out there concerned about the fact that the first class students in St Sylvestor´s School attend school for 1 hour hour less each day. They finish at 1.30pm as opposed to 2.30pm as most other first class students do. While this may not sound like a huge amount, if you consider the fact that our children attend school for 185 days (on average) per school year, this is quite alot. Its works out to be over 41 school days per year that they are missing. While I don´t believe that grades are everything, I do feel strongly that my child should at least get the same amount of education as every other first class student in Ireland - why make things harder by expecting her to complete the same syllabus but with less tuition!

re : Shorter school hours!           reply
25/09/2007 19:03 - School Specific
Did you approach the school?How are they doing this?Is it an infant school?What time do they start in the morning?

SN National SchoolAILBHEASTAR NFA Shorter school hours! 0709241951           reply
03/01/2011 01:00 -
Yes the shorter school hours for first class are a real concern to a huge number of parents.  I don´t think it is something most parents find out about until their child is at the school.  It simply does not make sense that our first class children receive 5 hours teaching less a week and are in no way placed at a disadvantage.  The teaching methodology used in the school is the same as most other schools yet all other schools, including the other school in Malahide, find it necessary to provide 5  hours a week more teaching.  Over a month its 20 hours lost so that´s a lot.  Very dissapointing.

re... : Shorter school hours!           reply
31/01/2008 19:02 - School Specific
I think (not 100% sure) that this is permissable. According to the D.E.S. Infants and first may have thieir day reduced by one hour. Not many schools do it, I assume, because a lot of schools have problems getting all infants home an hour early.

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