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Role of Parents Assoc - healthy eating?

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16/02/2007 12:42 - Parents Associations
I wonder how a school can be serious about a healthy eating policy, if they don´t give the children time to eat.
My children get 5 minutes the first break, and 10 minutes to eat the second break. Can anyone explain to me how they are supposed to eat a healthy, well balanced meal during that time? When the PA talked to the principal about this she said it was governement policy and she couldn´t do anything about it.
If that is the case, then |I think PA´s should unite and go to the governement. Give the children time to eat. No one can eat properly in ten minutes!

re : Role of Parents Assoc - healthy eating?           reply
08/11/2006 22:12 - Parents Associations
I agree it´s a matter for the Principal to resolve rather than the Parent´s Association. If the Principal has an issue with it then it is up to him/her to raise it with the relevant parents. I´d be surprised if the school didn´t already have some typeof healthy eating policy. Most schools send out some type of communication to parents advising that kids can´t bring in fizzy drinks, sweets etc. Would have thought it was a school policy issue and communication should come from the Principal.

Role of Parents Assoc - healthy eating?           reply
07/11/2006 21:20 - Parents Associations
Recently a new parent decided to set up a healthy eating committee in our school. I am aware that the committee consists of a few other new parents but it seems to
be by-passing the PA. I am in favour of healthy eating as is the principal of the school but what I need to know is who should be involved in a healthy
eating committee and if they should be informing us,the parents assoc., of their work. I would be interested in opinions from other Parents Associations.

re... : Role of Parents Assoc - healthy eating?           reply
16/12/2006 14:34 - Parents Associations
School policies are determined by the principal and board of management under the direction of the the Dept of Ed. It is up to the school to drive this forward often in collaboration of parents who are usaully asked to offer their help and support. It is a commendable policy but the PA cannot enforce anything on the school as such. The whole PA has to be in agreement otherwise it will break the cohesion of how the school operates. No one parent or group can dictae to another. The kety to smooth running in the best interstes of the children is collaboration and partnership in a way that is not controlling and power hungry.


re : Role of Parents Assoc - healthy eating?           reply
08/11/2006 10:18 - Parents Associations
As a member of a Parents Association I wouldn´t normally see us being directly involved in something like a Healthy Eating Committee. Obviously any such commitee´s should be set up with the agreement and participation of the school principal of his/her nominee. It is really a matter for the school principal to decide how such a committee should operate and who should be involved.

re : Role of Parents Assoc - healthy eating?           reply
12/02/2007 12:04 - Parents Associations
I Have being involved in our parent association for the last 5 years and we recently organised a Healthy eating day whereby we asked local shops and fruit and veg shops to sponsor our event and we had a huge display of all the foods on the food pyramid such as types of fruit, cheese, yogurts, carrots, peppers, types of cereal/bread etc and each class came to the hall and had an opportunity to try these foods it was a great success, we also had some strange fruits etc to try and dips for celery etc. The school had just introduced a new healthy eating policy and was a chance to get kids to try new ideas.

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