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Resource Entitlement

Resource Entitlement           reply
21/01/2013 10:53 - Primary Reading Resources (Locality: Kildare)
Our son scored a sten of 3 in english last year and at the time the school told us we are entitled to resource teaching for him. We agreed to the resource teaching - is the school obliged to allocate a certain amount of hours to him. He hasnt been going lately and i was very disappointed to hear today that they are concentrating on the younger children. Does he have any entitlements - any advise appreciated.

re : Resource Entitlement           reply
16/02/2013 21:11 - Primary Reading Resources
He is getting Learning Support rather than Resource,if he is "just" a STEN 3.The short answer is that there is no set requirement for Learning Suppport hours.If the school have only decided to give him a term of support, there is not much you can do. The school only has a certain amount of Learning Support hour and early intervention-i.e. getting the child as soon as possible is a DES strategy.

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