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re : Recycling           reply
08/02/2009 19:46 - Money Matters
hi jackie just read your letter have you tried ringing the coperation in your town to see if they can do anything for you i dont know to be honest if they can do something for you but there is no harm in would be great to get more money for the school somehow. we have greenstar recycling down here in cork i dont know if you have them up in your town look up the yellow pages(phone book) and see if you can see something. if you look up the local newspaper there might be somehting on it where all the classified adds are good luck dee

re : Recycling           reply
22/06/2009 22:44 - Money Matters
In reply to raising cash for schools:
To all involved in the primary school setting in Ireland.
> Principals,teachers, parents, school management, relations, neighbours,
> friends etc.
> Please read the following text and spread the word on details of a
> new campaign lauched this week which will raise much needed funds for the
> charity-The Jack and Jill Foundation, while helping bring technology
> schools,
> Please support this worthy cause by informing your local school of the
> scheme and forwarding on the email to anyone you think may get involved.
> Thanks for your help,
> Kind Regards,
> Catherine Terry.

New campaign asks schools to swap old mobile phones for Promethean Interactive Whiteboards-

In aid of The Jack & Jill Children’s Foundation.

To Whom It May Concern:

The following are details of a new campaign launched nationwide that perhaps your school would think about participating in. Please forward on a copy of this email to anyone you know teaching in primary schools in Ireland or involved with children in the primary school setting.

In an economic climate, where families are under extra pressure financially, as are schools- This is a wonderful idea-Free Whiteboards for schools. This scheme is free to partake in, requires no money in terms of fundraising, but it insures that our sick babies (The Forgotten Children of Ireland) have appropriate care.

At the same time it ensures that our schools are equipped with the technology that it needs to carry them into 2010 and beyond.

Kind Regards,
Catherine Terry.

The Scheme:
The Jack & Jill Foundation, through its partner Promethean, a global leader in interactive technology for education, is giving all schools in Ireland the opportunity to swap old mobile phones for new Promethean interactive whiteboards.
The campaign seeks to raise much needed funds for home nursing care for sick children, whilst increasing the accessibility of innovative teaching and learning technology for Ireland’s school children.

For every 300 old mobile phones collected, participating schools earn a 78 inch Promethean ActivBoard, complete with two ActivPens and the latest lesson development software, ActivInspire. 500 phones will earn the 78 inch ActivBoard interactive whiteboard complete with a height-adjustable frame, super short-throw projector, speakers as well as the two ActivPens and the latest lesson development software, ActivInspire. Both offers include professional installation and training.

How do we register?
Schools can sign up for the programme by visiting or by calling lo-call 1850 525 545. There is no limit to the number of whiteboards collected. This campaign also serves as a valuable recycling initiative that will assist schools in earning green flag status. It is estimated that there are over 10 million old phones in Irish households, most of which would otherwise be disposed of in landfills.

“I have been very struck as I travel the length and breadth of Ireland speaking to schools of every type as to how poorly they are funded and how much of the principal’s time is taken up in fundraising for school equipment,” commented Jonathan Irwin, CEO and Founder of the Jack & Jill Foundation. “This new campaign is good for everyone and we’d like to make Promethean interactive whiteboards accessible to every classroom in Ireland while at the same time putting all old mobile phones to good use, with 250 mobiles buying home nursing care for Jack & Jill children for one month.”

Graham Byrne, Head of Ireland, Promethean said, “If every school in the country were to collect just 300 phones each, that would raise more than €3 million for the Jack and Jill Foundation as well as give every school access to a Promethean interactive whiteboard. This would be a great outcome for everybody.”

1. – Site to register schools interest.
2. – Charity Website.
3. Information on Mobile Phone Recycling
4. Any queries/comments/suggestions, email me!

Recycling           reply
06/02/2009 19:57 - Money Matters (Locality: Kildare)
Hello, my question is this...I would like to earn our school some more cash. Does anyone know of a recycle scheme, that if we recycle paper, cans, cardboard etc... that we earn cash for any of this? We are paying so much for refuse costs, that if the schools were to earn by helping the environment, it would be a great incentive.

How are other schools getting creative during this budget crunch?

re... : Recycling           reply
24/06/2009 15:21 - Money Matters
hi girl hope you got something sorted its terrible when you cant find anyone/thing like that to help you

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