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Pupil Contribution

re : Pupil Contribution           reply
13/08/2010 11:54 - Money Matters
In one of my kids schools we are asked to pay €53 but I think it was fair enough as it was to cover the costs of photocopying, art materials and copybooks etc which my child woudl benefit from. €70 would seem a lot to pay for the book rental scheme if you were not getting a benefit from it but perhaps most of the €70 is for other costs.

re... : Pupil Contribution           reply
14/09/2010 21:29 - Money Matters
€40 for art, photocopying, book rental & a homework journal per child, also €90 per child ´voluntary contribution´, per child.

re : Pupil Contribution           reply
12/08/2010 17:34 - Money Matters
dont pay anything... the local school dosen´t ask for contributions but i heard that other schools ask for about €30 but this does not include books as u have to buy them seperate.

re... : Pupil Contribution           reply
13/08/2010 16:44 - Money Matters
I cant believe in this day and age that 70 euro is to cover photocopying and use of materials. Rubbish. Its like everything in this country no transparency. I have no problem contributing to the school but now I will be demanding a breakdown on where it is going. I know for a fact, that not every one pays this amount, as some people are just not in a position to do so which is fine. However I do believe its so high to counteract this imbalance so on one hand some people are subsidising those that dont pay and that is not fine. I was just looking for an average figure of what people have been asked to contribute so I can make a decision on what I am prepared to pay.

Pupil Contribution           reply
12/08/2010 14:56 - Money Matters (Locality: Cork)
Hi all,
I would like to know how much are people asked to contribute to the school at the beginning of term. I have 2 kids in primary and 70 euro per child has been asked to contribute . I paid last year without any thought but times have changed and I am now examining everything that goes out. This contribution is to cover things like the book rental scheme they have in place and to pay for various events that might run in the school and photocopying etc.
There are 6 books on the rental scheme on one of my childs book list but if I were to buy them second hand it was costing 10 euro and 50 cent, so roughly 60 euro remains from the 70 . My other child has no books on the rental scheme.
I feel I am been fleeced and without doubt not every pupil pays this 70.So what I want to know is what is the average people are paying?

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