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Piano lessons in school?

Piano lessons in school?           reply
22/05/2011 14:08 - Afterschool Activities
Hi there,

I´m a qualified piano teacher, currently a SAHM with 3 young children of my own (age 5, 3 & 1). I´m thinking of approaching a few schools with the idea of teaching piano in the school during school hours i.e. the pupil would take 30 minutes out of their day once a week to take a piano lesson in the school hall or wherever the piano is (assuming there is a piano in the school!) We had a similar set up in the primary school I attended and it seemed to work ok so I´m just looking for opinions from other parents as to whether you think it´s a good/bad idea?

From a parent´s point of view I´d see it as a plus to get your child piano lessons without having to add it to the list of other after-school activities that they have to be brought to. I´d love to hear others opinions though. Does anyone know of any schools where this service is available already?

Many thanks for taking the time to read this & thanks in advance for any replies!

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