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Peruvian School looking for a partner school in Ireland

Peruvian School looking for a partner school in Ireland           reply
16/02/2010 18:08 - Miscellaneous

My name is Paul Doherty and I work in a Co-ed School in Lima, Peru. As a bilingual school we have our sights set on having more relationships with English Speaking countries and schools in particular, Ireland. Below is some information on our school.

San Ignacio de Recalde School is an urban co-ed school based in Lima, Peru with students from as young as 1 year old through to 17 years old. The school has three campuses, nursery school is in the popular tourist area of the city, Miraflores, near Pre-Columbian ruins and the Pacific Ocean, whilst primary and secondary school is a quiet residential district, San Borja, with all the amenities and facilities nearby. Finally, the school farm is on the outskirts of the city, Huachipa, going to towards the central highway and the Andes with a dry and warm climate all year round.

San Ignacio de Recalde School is bilingual because we are convinced that a good command of the English language is essential for our students in today’s competitive world which is why our academic programme from the nursery school level to the high school level, integrating intensive content based courses such as Language Arts, Science, Math, Social Studies and World History.. later our students study French as a foreign language from 4th grade primary.

Despite being a young school, this year we celebrate our twentieth anniversary, we have managed to build a reputation in the country, due to the academic level and the formation in values. San Ignacio emphasizes among its main values "Leadership and Social Responsibility"; which is why the school instills in its students a culture of entrepreneurship, so our students will become active participants in society seeking new knowledge. As for the leadership, students learn that a leader is someone who has a vision of the future, who knows how to handle conflict situations and guide through example. Other pillars on which our values are built are respect, honesty and solidarity.
San Ignacio also places a lot of emphasis on ICTs in order that our students can face the challenges of the technology and communication in the 21st century.

Finally, our formative and academic programme as permitted our students and teachers to be selected from among the top schools in the country to participate in the Worlds Schools Debating Championships (WSDC ) representing Peru and in international summits such as Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC).

If you would loike to find out more about San Ignacio de Recalde, please feel free to visit our website.

Paul Doherty

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