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Parent as chair of the board

re : Parent as chair of the board           reply
31/08/2011 13:30 - Announcements
Hi there

Below is a link to the Department of Education´s document on the constitution and procedures relating to Boards of Management at primary level which you might find useful. You will see under section 4f that

"(f) The Patron shall appoint one of the members so appointed as Chairperson of the Board of Management."

Hope this information helps

re : Parent as chair of the board           reply
01/09/2011 14:28 - Announcements
Hi. Regarding Parents Chairing BOM. It seems Killaloe Diocese is now doing the same! Bishop Willie Walsh(since retired) appointed mostly lay people to Chair Boards of Management, many of them parents, myself included! Now I was expecting some changes with a new Bishop, but was shocked to hear that Parents of current school children were now considered "unsuitable" to Chair Boards of Management!! possible conflict of interest etc..(Thankfully there is no concern about conflict of interest for Principals & Teacher Reps. on BOM who are current Parents, they are made of better stuff.)
I and entire BOM have acted with one aim over the last 8 years or so, the best interests of the children in our care!! I feel upset that every decision our Board made is now under suspicion. When people who care unough to voluntarily serve the school community, are considered "unsuitable" for the crime of being a parent, it truly is a sad day!

Parent as chair of the board           reply
30/08/2011 19:06 - Announcements
I heard that parents can no longer be the chair of a Board of Management of a School - can anyone confirm if this is the case please. Is it just Dublin National Schools?

re... : Parent as chair of the board           reply
31/08/2011 22:57 - Announcements
Many thanks for your responses; Neither the DoE or CPSMA handbooks actually deal with this as far as I can see other than a brief mention of avoidance of conflicts of interest. I understand that this is a new instruction from the Archbishops House. As members of the Clergy stand down from boards, the role is falling to lay people, and in situations where that person is also a parent of the school, conflicts of interest certainly do arise.
Thanks again for taking the time to help.

re : Parent as chair of the board           reply
31/08/2011 13:16 - Announcements
The Chair of the board is appointed by the Patron - owner of the school. For most parish schools, the Patron is the local Bishop. I don´t think it is impossible for a parent to be appointed, but it generally doesn´t happon.

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