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Need your advice

Need your advice           reply
29/11/2011 17:22 - Pre-school / Montessori
Need an advice please:

I have a 6 yrs old boy. Can you suggest what kind of school does he need at that age? He doesn´t speak English. Maybe there is a school or course to prepare him for further studies?

Thanks a lot for your help!

re : Need your advice           reply
03/12/2011 13:06 - Pre-school / Montessori
Legally in ireland children are supposed to/ entittled to start primary school in the sept following their 6th birthday. If your child was 6 prior to sept and does not have a special need i would enroll him in a school imediately.
If your child has turn 6 since sept i would contact the local county childcare commitee for your area (online search) and check online through that site for childcare, pre-school/ montessori schools and enroll your child immediately.
Maybe you are new to the country in which case your child should be enttiled to join school, he may get help with english as an additional language from language support units in the school, this is not a huge disadvantage though, as children are generally quick learners and this will be acquired with 1-2 school years.
Most schools offer support to parents if needed.
Irish schools are either non denominational (usually called educate together) catholic and prodestant however most will accept all children regardless of religious background, some maybe more supportive of your religion than others ask around on line when you have made your short list.
Most schools are public, free you must pay for books or rent these from the school, buy a uniform school bag and stationary, most schools either have charity events or ask for a voluntary contribution, this assists the school in providing extra curricular activities for the children eg christmas party, outings extra
Good Luck G

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