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Montessori Courses...where is best?

Montessori Courses...where is best?           reply
25/01/2010 05:41 - Pre-school / Montessori (Locality: Dublin North)
Hi all,
This has probably been asked a million times but before I act on it I thought I´d ask the professionals...yourselves. I am looking to become a montessori teacher and wanted to know where is best to study. It´s a part-time course Im looking to do as I have two young children so this would suit best. Can anyone reccomend portobello? or Montossori Ed in Georges st?
I really am lost. Does one qualify you more than the other or have a better name?
Would appreciate any help thanks.

re : Montessori Courses...where is best?           reply
28/01/2010 16:51 - Pre-school / Montessori
it seems now that FETAC courses are the new in thing, you can see the adverts on the TV a lot. I would recommend doing your course with "the school of practical childcare", they are based in Blackrock but do their courses all over Dublin. I did an Special Needs Certificate course at night a few years ago, think hte way they do the courses is brilliant and are very well thought out and constructed. if you check their website they do Montessori aswell, FETAC is recognised highly over here. As for their fee´s you can pay over a period of time, you dont´ need to have it all upfront. From doing my course I thought they were great and am going to go back and get my diploma as an SNA now.

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