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Mobile phones

Mobile phones           reply
19/09/2006 12:49 - Teenage Issues
My daugher is only ten but is pestering me for a mobile phone. I have always told her that she would have to wait till sixth class. However with her doing so many afterschool activites and visiting friends I have felt on a lot of occasions recently that it would be handy if she had one so that we could contact each other if arrangements changed. Am I only asking for trouble if I let her have one now?

re : Mobile phones           reply
02/10/2006 11:38 - Teenage Issues
I have a 10 year old daughter and recently I bought a meteor sim card and put it into an old phone I had lying around, it was initially just to have in the house as we do not have a house phone but my 10 year old started using it. I personally do not mind her having it, Meteor do great deals on meteor to meteor calls and texts and she hasnt asked me to pay for credit yet. The novelty of a phone wears off pretty soon, especially if she doesnt have many friends with phones. She used to carry it with her everywhere, now I have to remind her to bring it with her to after school activities and it does make life easier if there is a change of plans. - Hope this helps somewhat

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29/06/2009 19:58 - Teenage Issues
Have to agree with you there Angela. My 9 year old pestered us for a phone and because she does a lot of after school stuff I allowed her with reservation to have one. After about a month she soon figured out that it meant I could keep even closer tabs on her and the novelty wore off. She hardly ever uses it now and has to be reminded to take it out with her. The initial €20 credit that was on the phone still hasn´t run out after 2 months!

re... : Mobile phones           reply
04/04/2011 16:16 - Teenage Issues
My daughter pestered me from the age of 10 about a phone but I held out until her 11th birthday and I´m glad I did. I heard all the usual I need it to keep in touch with friends etc but really they don´t need a phone until they are able to pay for the credit themselves. She now carries out housework and earns her pocket money which pays for the credit. Even though she has lots of activities there is never a time when she needs to ring me as I would always ensure that either I or my husband were there in time to collect from any activity either after school or weekends..

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