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Male Montessori Teacher/Summer Hours

re... : Male Montessori Teacher/Summer Hours           reply
18/11/2012 18:13 - Pre-school / Montessori
yes know the course.few things to think about....
1 the pay is low,
2 you will need to work in a creche to get full days work .
3 not a lot of male in childcare !
4 start your own montessori school.
5 go on after your course and do maybe play therapy... work in a children hospital.
regards Bee

re... : Male Montessori Teacher/Summer Hours           reply
18/11/2012 19:45 - Pre-school / Montessori
Thanks for your input ifonly. In relation to your posts, here is my reply:
1. Having talked to a number of people in montessori roles, i´ve now identified the rate of pay for a person with a degree.
2. I´ve seen a number of vacancies looking for Montessori teachers for full-time, although I am aware some do not offer after school services.
3. I´m aware of this.
4. I do not wish to setup a school.
5.This is what I plan to do.
I do not think the degree is a waste for a few reasons:
1. Becoming a montessori teacher is not my only option with this degree
2. The Government allows more money to Montessori´s with a teacher who has a degree.
3. With this degree I can pursue a masters in play therapy.
4. The higher the degree, the better the salary.
5. From an education aspect, this three year, full-time degree will give me a more substantial education in working with children. A level 5 is generally just a year.
Since I have posted this thread I have re-directed my thinking and do not want to do Psychotherapy, but child therapy. I think this degree will give me a good base to work with children. I appreciate your time taken to reply.

re... : Male Montessori Teacher/Summer Hours           reply
19/11/2012 14:47 - Pre-school / Montessori
Best of luck

re : Male Montessori Teacher/Summer Hours           reply
16/11/2012 23:44 - Pre-school / Montessori
is it a fetac course

re : Male Montessori Teacher/Summer Hours           reply
18/11/2012 18:35 - Pre-school / Montessori
ok read it my opinion its a waste of money because its not you
want to work at in the long term. i understand you want experience with children but you could volunteer to baby sit friends /sisters child .fetac level 5 will allow you to work in a creche with children of all ages. its not as costly. men in childcare well i would love to see more.

re... : Male Montessori Teacher/Summer Hours           reply
17/11/2012 00:33 - Pre-school / Montessori
It´s a degree in d.i.t. (ear;y childhood education)

Male Montessori Teacher/Summer Hours           reply
28/10/2012 13:29 - Pre-school / Montessori (Locality: Dublin North)

I´m planning on studying Montessori Teaching online next year. I´m saving to do Psychotherapy in Pci, and following that do a masters in child art therapy. I want to do be a Montessori teacher to gain practical experience of working with children before I begin to learn to work with children in a therapeutic setting.

I have two topics I would like to discuss with people before I spent €2000 on an online course in Montessori teaching. Any advice on these issues would be great.

Summer hours: Obviously Montessori teachers do not get paid during the summer hours, like Primary and Secondary teachers, so I was wondering about summer hours for Montessori teachers. Do some Montessori´s stay open all summer for camps etc..., or do all close until August/September? I just want to know do I need to look for work elsewhere for every summer. I know some Montessori teachers have creche facilities, so potentially I could in that facility during the summer. It would be great to here from more experienced people with regards this.

Male teacher: I´d like to think that there is little ill feeling with regards to a male Montessori teacher in 2012, but i´m also a realist. Is it a hindrance to be a male in this profession? From my point of view, I don´t think there is enough of a balance between male/female teachers, I also think it can be good for the child´s development to have somewhat of a male role model in that child´s life. Again, it would be great to hear from parents/teachers regarding this issue.

I really appreciate if anyone takes the time to read this, and any opinions/advice would be great.

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