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15/05/2008 09:08 - Homework
Hi all, I wonder if anyone can help or would know of somewhere I can get help. I have a daughter in 2nd year who has a diagnosed learning difficulty. All her primary school life was spent in a ´special class´ and we assumed that this would continue through to post primary. When she was starting post primary her aunt (a secondary school maths teacher) made a suggestion for her to try the main class and she would give her tuiton once a week, the school principal was very supportive so we decided to give it a try. We knew it would be difficult but she has worked very hard and has done so well. We were shattered earlier this year when my sister in law died suddenly and my daughter went into a depression, she just doesnt seem interested in trying anymore and I´m so worred about her. The school can´t really offer her learning support at this stage as all the places have been allocated. I´m trying to source some private tuiton for her, I wonder would anyone have any information?? I have tried the Kip McGrath learning centre but I just don´t think thats what we need. Noreen (my sister in law) worked on the primace that she taught my daughter what she needed to know i.e., the tricks of the trade whereas Kip McGrath want to take her back to primary level, to what she last understood, I would be interested to hear anyones opinion if they have tried this method.

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20/05/2008 11:38 - Schoolbooks / Uniforms
I think I might be able to help you? You can call me on 086-8545448. I have a daughter with Dyslexia, 12 years of age 2 years ago big probs at school etc very stressed. She completed a Learning Intervention Programme and now instead of being 4 years behind she is 1 year ahead. I am just finishing a short contract with the company that runs this programme and I am going back to Maynooth in Sept to train as a sec school teacher. I have lots of info for you but easier if you call me to discuss,
Regards, Lisa Connolly.

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