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Introduction           reply
22/06/2020 11:57 - Introduce Yourself (Locality: Kildare)

We are moving to Kildare from South Africa this year, very excited. Our local education system works somewhat differently to the Irish curriculum, school terms etc, so very much in the dark at the moment and really pleased to find such a super site.

re : Introduction           reply
07/12/2020 10:00 - Introduce Yourself
Hello! I am new at this forum too, I found it by chance when I was looking for advice on how to organize the workspace at home. My eldest son studies at home and I was interested in how others organize the schedule, lessons, rest, and activity.

re : Introduction           reply
21/12/2020 10:28 - Introduce Yourself
Hello! I am also new here but I´ve been in Ireland for two years now. My eldest is quite adventurous so he adapted quickly. My youngest still hates how we had to move and rejects the changes but she did pick up on the new curriculum within a week. Hope you have as pleasant transition as we did.

re : Introduction           reply
20/01/2021 09:50 - Introduce Yourself
Hi .. I´m new here too, and haven´t figured out yet how to create a new thread from my phone, I can just reply to existing posts. So how do I create a new thread?

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