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Interfering or caring parent?

Interfering or caring parent?           reply
06/09/2020 01:17 - Bullying
Hi. My daughter is in primary school (3rd class) and has a few good friends in the class. She has sleep overs with one in particular. Tonight, when her friend was here we started chatting about school and the conversation progressed to doing homework and getting work done in the class. During this conversation my daughters friend said that when they were going back last week her dad told her not to sit next to my daughter as she´s too chatty. My daughter heard this but pretty much poker faced it.
I am aware that my daughter is talkative but I still feel really bad for her.

Whilst I understand that the other parents might want their daughter to focus more in school I think there´s a better way to deal with it than the way they did as it sounds like their blaming my daughter for how theirs is performing.
(FYI, my daughter is top 2/3 in the class.)

I am considering saying this to the dad when I drop their daughter back. Not in a confrontational way but just as a statement and tell him that it was disappointing to hear it.

Just curious as to what peoples thoughts are on this. Thanks.

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