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re... : Homework           reply
23/09/2009 21:32 - Homework
thank you for your reply my son is in fourth class and I´ve since discussed it with the school who were not happy that I broached the subject their reply they don´t give irish homework at all to any child they feel they need to work more on maths and english. I´ve rang the National Parents Council who say that it should be something they get but each school does have their own homework policy but found it very concerning that they don´t get even a small amount a couple of times a week.

Homework           reply
16/09/2009 10:05 - Homework (Locality: Dublin South)
I was just wondering if anyone could answer this my child´s school does not give them Irish homework which I find extremely, on average per night they receive english writing spellings reading maths and tables and that´s about it. A friend of mine who´s child has gone into secondary from this school is now experiencing problems as the level of Irish he has is nowhere near the standard expected of him. Is this normal? What kind of homework do other children get?

re : Homework           reply
23/09/2009 10:25 - Homework
Depends what class your child is in - you don´t say. I have a child just gone in to 3rd class and he still isn´t receiving any Irish homework - presumably it will start some time this year. My older child was certainly gettting Irish homework by the time she reached 4th class.

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