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re : Homework           reply
18/10/2006 06:42 - Schoolbooks / Uniforms
does the school have a homework policy. our school lays out what it expects the children in the various classes to spend doing homework: eg juniors 5-10 minutes, 1st/2nd/3rd - 30 minutes, etc. my son in 5th this year spends about 40 - 60 minutes average. older daughter also spent approx same time when she was in 5th.

re : Homework           reply
07/09/2006 19:16 - Schoolbooks / Uniforms
I think you should check with the teacher. My son has just gone into 6th class but some nights it took him 1.5 to 2 hours to do his homework in 5th Sometmes he was tired and sometimes he just did not want to do it. I think it should not take more than 40 minutes to do homework for 5th class. Check with the teacher. How long does he she want them to spend on homework. In my opinion it certainly is not worth a battle with the child. What is the purpose of homework? Is it not to re einforce work done during the day. Therefore there should not be anything new for the children to complete at home. It should not cause the children all that much difficulty.

re : Homework           reply
23/10/2006 16:27 - Schoolbooks / Uniforms
my daughter has just gone into 5th class and the teacher told us homework should only take 1 hour. 5th class is much harder and my daughter has found it hard to adapt in many ways

Homework           reply
06/09/2006 21:10 - Homework
My daughter has just gone into 5th class and I believe that it is one of the hardest years in national school. Has anyone any experience of how long her homework should take? Last year she had a great teacher, most of the work seemed to be done in the class room and she only got about 15minutes of homework a really worked for her and she seemed to do well. I´m afraid that this year might be a terrible shock for her! Is 5th class really that much harder?

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