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Home alone!

re : Home alone!           reply
20/08/2009 09:33 - Miscellaneous
I read somewhere that it was age 14 yrs but unfortunately I can´t confirm whether that´s the law.

re... : Home alone!           reply
20/08/2009 14:53 - Miscellaneous
Many thanks for your kind response... I started on my quest, unbelievable! I started at Irish Legislation, then spoke with 3 Social Workers, Dept of Health & Children, Bardardo´s, ISPCC and finally the Ombudsman for Children - the final outcome being that there is no Law whatsoever, also there are no recommendations or guidlines in place. The parent decides effectively if they trust and feel that there child is responsible enough to be left alone, however, there are always the serious consequences should anything happen i.e. Social Service, Neglect etc..
Kind regards,

re... : Home alone!           reply
22/08/2009 13:33 - Miscellaneous
16 rings a bell with me.

re... : Home alone!           reply
22/08/2009 13:35 - Miscellaneous
Sorry. I mean that 16 is the age at which you can leave somebody legally in charge of children. Technically, a babysitter under that age is not advised, I understand.

re... : Home alone!           reply
22/08/2009 01:18 - Miscellaneous
I believe it´s 16 is the legal requirement.

Home alone!           reply
19/08/2009 11:04 - Miscellaneous
I would be most grateful if you could advise me - please, by Irish Law what age is a Teenager allowed to be left alone (after school ONLY) in the house. Is it 13 /14 years or 16 years of age. I work until 5pm, it would involve my son being in the house from 3pm - 5:15pm.
Kind regards Pam.

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