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Help!!           reply
22/10/2013 16:18 - Announcements
Dear Parents ,
I am the mother of two boys of 12 and 9 . We live in Rome and in July of 2014 we are now taking in Kilkenny .
This summer we went to Kilkenny and we have applied in some schools . As for secondary schools , all of us have contacted saying that there was a place for my son. I would like to point out that he is an excellent student and we sent her last report card. After two months we have returned to participate in the " open days " in schools and in the end it was a great disappointment to know that he was on the waiting list . As for my son smallest , yet we do not know anything , we´re waiting ...
Our preoccupation is that we can not find a place for our children and we do not know what to do. Some friends have advised us to mark them in other schools of Callan and Castlecomer , but there is a risk that one takes in a school and the other to another school ...
For this reason also the purchase of our home stays still because we do not know where else to study our boys.
What can we do ? I hope for your kindness and thank you so much !

p.s Sorry for my terrible English :)

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