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Green Schools

Green Schools           reply
12/03/2008 22:25 - Parents Associations
Hi !
We´re interested in ´greening´ our primary school, and have the full support of the principal. I´ve been researching supports available ie. putting in double glazing, changing the light fixtures, etc. but all I can find is SEI´s program, which is more on the educational side - which is great - but, as the sean-fhocal says "is maith comhairle, ach is fearr cabhair !"

Does anyone know of programs that provide tangible (ie. €) support schools to go green in terms of energy use, composting, etc. ?
Míle buíochas - Annela

re : Green Schools           reply
18/03/2008 11:27 - Parents Associations
If you want to start greening your school think about starting on recycling and reducing. Our schol started about 2 years ago with reducing the amount of rubbish in the school. Popcorn had to be in containers and each classroon had a container for compost material- skins, parings etc. This can reduce domestic waste. Also you could look into a purified water scheme in the school. Each child is given a reusable botttle to fill each day with the purified water. this cuts down on bottles and can that are brought to school. This is a start but it is surprising how greening can take hold of the kids and they will get very into it.

re : Green Schools           reply
12/03/2008 23:38 - Parents Associations
What about reducing water use?Cistern pigs, ie full botles of water in the cistern help, if loos aren´t dual flush... Lunch boxes help cut down on waste, instead of disposalable packing...Paper from the phoocopier might be used for infants to draw on, waster paper shredded and used for pet or greyhound bedding,

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