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Frustrated parent

Frustrated parent           reply
18/07/2011 16:13 - Schoolbooks / Uniforms
Just wondering if anyone else is as annoyed as me at the cost of school uniforms. My daughter is starting secondary school in September and I´ve been absolutely shocked and disgusted at the costs... For one school jumper it was €40, the school pants (which are not yet in stock) I´ve been told will cost in the region of €37, prices go up depending on the size.
I have never, nor would I ever spend €40 on a jumper/top for myself, that I would get years out of... Yet we´re being forced to spend these ridiculous prices on our children´s uniforms, that they could outgrow within a year.

Add to these costs the price of the text books, copies, registration fees etc etc and we are very rapidly reaching €500 +....

In this current enconomic climate I think that it is just madness us parents are being put under so much needless pressure financially.

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08/08/2011 18:33 - Schoolbooks / Uniforms
I totally agree the uniform business is outrageous, i`ve to purchase particular shoes that cost €100. What about other espenses ie photocopying art and craft etc i have to fork out €140 for my little 6 yr old including €3 per child for `text a parent`which i thought was to be free.As for school books, my senior infant daughter has 4 english workbooks which cost me €26, which can never be used again. We need to write in our thousands to Riuari Quinn.

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07/08/2012 21:41 - Schoolbooks / Uniforms
Forget about writing to Ruairi Quinn - start talking to your own school. Talk to the Parents Association, and get them to bring it up with the Principal. Talk to the parents reps on the Board of Management and ask them to change the policy for next year. If you want to change, you´re going to have to put in a bit of work to move people on from the current situation.

re : Frustrated parent           reply
25/07/2011 13:43 - Schoolbooks / Uniforms
I agree i have 3 children for secondary school, I think we should be allowed to buy the uniforms in dunnes,tesco etc. Schools need to do away with the creast and designer skirts and coats not forgetting the tracksuit.
I have never bought second hand clothes for my children but this year i have no choice as i just can not afford the high prices of new books on top of uniforms. So if anyone is selling uniform for our lady of mercy beaumont dublin 9 uniform please let me know.
Parents need to get together to insist on plain colour uniforms with no school creast and cheap book rental for all schools.
Where is free education gone?

re : Frustrated parent           reply
21/08/2012 10:39 - Schoolbooks / Uniforms
Hi there, I am a journalist with the news website We have a Read Me section on the website and I was looking to get in touch with a parent who perhaps might be interested in writing a piece for us on the costs associated with children heading back to school. It has been in the press recently that people are finding the costs of books, uniforms, travel etc difficult to deal with. If anyone is interested please email me on Feel free to pass on the message. Thanks.
All the Best,
Christina Finn

re... : Frustrated parent           reply
21/08/2012 11:24 - Schoolbooks / Uniforms
I totally agree - my daughter is 8 and heard school uniform is outrageous. We can only buy in one shop - the uniform has a shirt you cannot buy a generic version of and the school doesn´t allow the girls wear trousers. An average cost for shirt, cardigan and pinafore is approx €100, plus the tracksuit is another €35. This is before shoes, runners, bags, books and all the other hidden extras - photocopying etc. Free education my eye!!!!

re : Frustrated parent           reply
07/08/2012 14:32 - Schoolbooks / Uniforms
Annoyed? I´m furious. What´s worse is that after going to all the expense and the pressure of it all...they don´t even enforce the uniform regulations! At least in the UK they wear their uniforms with style. Here they very often look scruffy. Also would prefer that the schools insist on sensible shoes for schools. Leaving it up to teenage girls to choose their own shoes is daft. They want flimsy shoes which are very cold in the winter...result ...more visits (and expense) to the doctor!! Now I understand that some parents don´t have the finances...but either have a uniform or don´t. If the majority in a school cannot afford uniforms...let the children wear civvies...with specific guidelines. Whatever happens the criteria should be on neatness and personal hygiene. The children need to be taught how to be neat and tidy (not just physically but also with their books) and it must be insisted on. Fed up with the haphazard way that the schools accept mediocre as the goal. Everyone can be neat and clean and doesn´t cost money.

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