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Ecce year?

re : Ecce year?           reply
01/07/2016 12:57 - Pre-school / Montessori
It world wide is the preferred age hun! I have family in South Africa and they do kindergarten from age 5-7 and start school then x
My son will be 5 and 4 months when he starts primary - is starting the first of his 2 years in preschool in Sept 2017! This was always my preference
There is so much more than academic things they can learn too Montessori and preschools etc are fantastic and well equipped to keep kids entertained / amused / occupied.

Ecce year?           reply
01/07/2016 09:50 - Pre-school / Montessori (Locality: Kilkenny)
Hi all,

I am hoping to get my twins into an Naonrai in Kilkenny this September. We have relocated from Dublin last year and I applied as soon as.. My question .. we have been advised by one Naonra which we really would like the children to attend as they attend creche there.. that almost likely this September they won´t get into Naonra but following year they would. The issue is the twins will be 3.5 years this year and following year 4.5 so if we wait for Naonra they would be 5.5 starting school which they state is the preferred "European age" for children to enter school. This is new to me .. my children then would be 6 in Junior infants in February and this seems too old .. Also two addtional years now at there age seems counter productive as they are bright and I feel they would be bored with 2 years in Montessori/creche and starting school at 5.5 is a step too far.. Has anyone heard this before or have any insight on this as I am confused now Kind regards lorrie41

re : Ecce year?           reply
01/07/2016 19:58 - Pre-school / Montessori
Later the better but it´s the month of their birthday that poses the problem. I´d January and Dec babies and sent them before five for same reasons as you thinking bright etc. I´v June baby and sent at 5 as just four too young.
Most feel two years in same ecce provision will not benefit child and a planned switch is better. However I know of a case where a mum used creche for paid parttime playschool switched child to ecce small montessori but sibling joined paid playschool for year. The creche then were running a summer camp for ecce children based around preparing for national school. This mum wanted send montessori child but creche said no sorry only opened to their own children. There were Spaces available on camp as I asked after being asked by the mum. This mum was again sending second child to a different ecce provider, a community playschool.
This planned switching wasn´t something ecce providers thought would happen. Theyd banked on children for two years.

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