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Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders           reply
17/11/2009 14:42 - Childrens Health
Hi guys,
Just got off the phone with a friend of mine who is very upset. She has a daughter who is 23 (i know that is quite old but they will always be our babies!) who suffers with Anorexia. I would love to help but not sure how. I tried the bodywhys website but apparently the girl who is sick was told alot of bad things about their organisation and is refusing to listen to anything they have to say. She has been sick for years, hospitalised twice for being so thin. She almost died a few years ago. The issue now seems to be that she has gone from Anorexia to bulemia and her mother is very worried. Are there any parents out there in a similar position?maybe i could get her to join a discussion with a few friendly msngrs.

re : Eating Disorders           reply
17/11/2009 18:13 - Childrens Health
I suffered from anorexia - and then bulimia - for 17 years, and was also hospitalised and extremely ill from at times. Whilst I can´t offer comfort as a parent, I have attempted to externalise my experiences in Finding Melissa, and this may help your friend in understanding what is going on for her daughter.
Now that I have recovered, I sometimes wonder whether the illness is as hard for those around the suffererer - as for the sufferer - but I definitely didn´t see this at the time: I think you need to emerge from the illness a little in order to be more objective.
AS I have been raising awareness, I have been linking in with carers groups and there is some great support out there now for parents and family members.

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