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ECCE question

ECCE question           reply
17/09/2021 11:42 - Pre-school / Montessori
Hiya. I´ve a question to ask about the provision of the ECCE scheme in crèches. Is it ok/legal for a crèche to make ECCE children start and finish later than fee paying children? My local one has the ECCE hours as 9.15-12.15 but the fee paying are from 9-12. It´s no biggie but it´s a complete pain having to wait around for half an hour between primary school drop off and pre-school drop off. The initial reason given was to reduce numbers at drop off and pick up times due to Covid, but when I asked if it was going back to normal now restrictions are lifted, I was told no as it suits them better this way. The only other option given was to pay an extra €1.50 per day if I wanted to avail of the 9am drop off. I really like the crèche and have had dealings with them for nearly two decades, but it just grates on me that they´ve snuck this in under the whole Covid restrictions thing and are then "offering the option" of paying money to not be inconvenienced. There are currently only two children in at 9am, so there is still plenty of available places. I guess my question is, is it legal to differentiate between the two? Again, I know it´s only 15min and I should just build a bridge, but it´s just so annoying..🤭🙈

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