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ECCE question

ECCE question           reply
04/09/2017 16:24 - Pre-school / Montessori

I have a brilliant childminder for my two kids, aged almost 3 and 6. She loves them like her own and they are very safe and happy in her home. The youngest is due to start his ECCE year in January and I was looking forward to making some much needed savings on the childcare bill. In a recent chat with our minder she advised me childminders continue to be paid for having your child while they are in pre-school. It came a quite a shock. We have always done the morning school drop with the older child, and will continue to do so with both, so I will effectively pay the minder 3hrs a day for not having him until he is collected at 12. I am just wondering if this is normal practice, or if anyone has had experience negotiating new minding arrangements... I am dreadful when it comes to talking money... I would rather not uproot them from where they are but I am just not rich enough to be pay out €200 a month for no reason. Thanks in advance!

re : ECCE question           reply
05/09/2017 16:15 - Pre-school / Montessori
A couple of things to consider.
Do you have a contract in place with your minder including the hours she is needed?
Will you still need your childminder to take your preschool child on the days the preschool is closed (or if the child is under the weather)? If so you really should pay for those hours continually, as your minder is not in a position to fill thise hours minding another child if you will need her occasionally.
If not you could renegotiate a rate for the new hours you need her. You should expect to pay a higher hourly rate for part time than full time and also pay extra for the preschool pick up.
Your minder might not be able to afford to work less hours and look for a different full time position.
I hope this is helpful to you.

re... : ECCE question           reply
05/09/2017 16:38 - Pre-school / Montessori
That is really helpful, thank you. No, we don´t have a contract. I hadn´t considered the issue of her taking him on holidays as she already takes my daughter during school holidays (for additional payment). We have a really good relationship but this is my first time using a minder, we previously used a creche, so I was keen to gauge standard practice before addressing the issue. From conversations with friends it seems it´s split down the middle. Thanks again.

re... : ECCE question           reply
07/09/2017 07:14 - Pre-school / Montessori
If I hadn´t read D15childminder I would have asked/said similar. But as you can manage the morning drop then collection time is new start time and so new contract would need to be put in place showing a reduction in money as its less hours.
Having no contact I´m assuming not a registered childminder and really the entitlements I read/see is unbelievable. Registered childminders charge as business overheads are paid. Look at your location also as Dublin childminding is very different to rest country in demand, rates etc.

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