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ECCE Scheme

ECCE Scheme           reply
02/03/2010 12:57 - Pre-school / Montessori
Hello, is there anybody who is up to date with the red tape of the ECCE scheme been run by the government for free Pre-school places. I am a little confused as the pre-school I have my child enroled in since last September, has sent me a note stating they are not runnig the scheme and we will have to pay as normal. I speak for myself when I say I am finding things hard financialy and this would be a big help to our family. It has left me stuck between a rock and a hardplate, as now I must try and find another pre-school which I don´t want to do as all the children in this pre-school will be starting in Junior infants together, also it will put an extra journey of approx 10 miles on me each day if I am to bring my child to a participating pre-school in the town, (if there is even a place available at this point) I can´t understand why a community run pre-school would opt out could anybody spread some valuable insite for me. I am attending a meeting regarding this but they have already made up their minds it seems.

re : ECCE Scheme           reply
02/03/2010 14:47 - Pre-school / Montessori
i understood if anything all commmunity run preschools were in the scheme, i can understand private opting out due to a cap being put on payments as some charge over and above , surely you may be entitled to subvension in your community based one

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