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re : Dyspraxia/Dyslexia           reply
25/03/2010 11:55 - Childrens Health
Hi you are your child´s best/only advocate. As you have already got an assessment it is up to you to keep pushing to get the resources your child is entitled to. Perhaps the time of the year IS a factor, as most of planning for resources is done for the school year, however, there is no reason why the school cannot discuss what plans they might have for your child next year. Keep up the pressure, your child depends on you.

re... : Dyspraxia/Dyslexia           reply
13/03/2010 21:31 - Childrens Health
I´d not exempt any child from Irish, let them listen in anyhow, maybe not do the spellings/written work. As to resource hours,these are allocasted by the SENO and depending on how busy they are and if the school can get someone to do the hours, there may be a delay.

re : Dyspraxia/Dyslexia           reply
11/03/2010 22:25 - Childrens Health
try & go into talk to resource teacher about her getting extra hours, keep onto it each week till some extra help sorted out,some schools keep doing irish but if u think its getting too much ask for her to stp doing it

Dyspraxia/Dyslexia           reply
11/03/2010 17:23 - Childrens Health
Hi I´m wondering if anyone else has come accross this problem.
My daughter is dyslexic and dyspraxic. However, i am coming up against a brick wall with her school. Firstly, I sent a letter in, after a recommendation from the educational psychologist who assessed her for dyslexia, for an exemption from Irish. I was told by the principal basically that they didn´t want to go down that road yet. Secondly, after her assessment for dyspraxia, it was recommended that she get extra resource hours. I have sent the report in about two weeks ago and as yet they haven´t made any changes nor have they sent the information to the educational resource co ordinator. Is it that it´s so late in the school year, or is it as a result of the cutbacks? I don´t know what to do, and I don´t want to go moving schools as she finds it hard to make friends and has one very good friend at her current school.

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