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re... : Dyslexia           reply
11/03/2009 17:14 - Special Needs / Tutors Required
thanks very much for your advice i let you know how i get on

re... : Dyslexia           reply
04/09/2009 17:44 - Special Needs / Tutors Required
Hi Sinead thanks for that we are just updating some information on the website it should be back up Monday or Tuesday. in the meantime if you need any information you can e mail me on thanks
Anne Marie

re : Dyslexia           reply
08/07/2009 09:59 - Special Needs / Tutors Required
Hi Clare I am a trained dyslexia facilitator providing one to one training for dyslexia. You can get information on my web site or contact me on 0862391545.018169909 . If you dont find what your looking for please call me. Anne MArie

re... : Dyslexia           reply
11/03/2009 16:50 - Special Needs / Tutors Required
Does your daughter receive extra help in her secondary school in the form of Learning Support? I presume if your daughter has an official diagnosis, then she must have been assessed by an educational psychologist. Depending on how recently this was done, there should be recommendations for the school.
For secondary schools, depending on the severity of your daughter´s specific learning disability (dyslexia), these recommendations may include use of various programmes, use of assistive technology (laptop), where spell check could be used. There are even programmes like Read, Write, Gold where textbooks can be scanned and the text read out for the student. If applicable, an Irish Exemption may already be in place.
If there is a problem with one teacher but all of the others are fine, it may be down to a lack of information that this teacher may not be au fait with the severity of your daughter´s condition. What subject is it for?
My advice would be to make an appointment to meet with the school- not by way of complaint but explaining your daughter´s situation as it is now. Perhaps, if your daughter attends a Learning Support Teacher, then he/she might be the most appropriate person with whom to make initial contact who might be able to liaise with the class teacher. If you feel it would be more appropriate to make contact with the teacher first, then do so but remembering that the teacher could be trying to get the very best out of your daughter but still doesn´t know her or her strengths.

re : Dyslexia           reply
11/03/2009 15:21 - Special Needs / Tutors Required
Hi Passta. My friend is dyslexic and when she was in school(we finished in 2005) they did not aknowledge the condition for her either until her Leaving Certificate. My best advice would be to ask your GP or whoever it was that diagnosed your daughter as dyslexic about different ways to tackle this problem. She should be exempt from certain areas of the curriculum like sequences in maths. It is very important you get it sorted because I know from watching my friend go through it, that it is very distressing and embarassing for someone to be made an example of because of something they cannot control. My friend even dropped out of school over it (we got her back in eventually).
I think my friend went to her local Health Clinic about it, as far as I remember. or else try google-ing ´Dyslexia Centre in´ your area.

I hope it gets resolved soon!

re... : Dyslexia           reply
04/09/2009 09:46 - Special Needs / Tutors Required
Hi there - My son is starting in 1st Year as well and is dyslexic - the school are aware of it but I´m going to keep a close monitor on it but I am waiting for a few days to pass before I make an appointment to meet with them. I´ve just tried to get into your website to but the domain appears to have expired.

Although the schools are aware of the problem, I cannot understand that there is very little done to help the students e.g. if schools used projectors the notes from the teacher could be copied/scanned and emailed rather than expecting the students to transcribe from the board which is a difficult process for a dyslexic student. I think this would be an invaluable help.

My best advise for anyone who has a child with dyslexia is to keep the lines of communication open with the school and monitor it closely

Dyslexia           reply
09/03/2009 09:35 - Special Needs / Tutors Required (Locality: Clare)
My daughter is dyslexia and is in her first year of secondry school
and she has a problem with one teacher who seem to think that dyslexia is excuse and makes an example of her in front of the class, she has asked the teacher to explain things to her but she is told to get on with her work i have been on to the school about it and can not get any where i would love advice from someone on how to deal with this

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