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Committee Members

re : Committee Members           reply
29/11/2009 15:51 - Parents Associations
Oh cricky, PC are soo tricky I think. Am in one myself but only learning ropes and getting used to everyone.

Hope you resolve it but have no real experience of how to handle this one. Sure lots others here will help

Committee Members           reply
27/11/2009 11:49 - Parents Associations
Help. We have a situation created by one of our committee members where they wished to pursue a parent regarding something they may or may not have said at a meeting totally unconnected to the school. The committee disagreed and decided not to pursue the matter. This committee member has since made contact with numerous voluntary and national organisatins regarding same and has now also contacted the parents employer. Said parent is very annoyed and has requested a meeting with the committee for us to explain why the parents association are pursuing this. We feel the committee member who has acted of their volition ought to resign but are uncertain of what actions we can legitimately take. Any help would be appreciated.

re : Committee Members           reply
30/11/2009 11:52 - Parents Associations
Don´t envy you that situation.
Worth checking whether your parents association has any type of constitution which set out rules re membership. If it is simply voluntary, i.e. not elected members, I would imagine the committee could ask the person to resign.
Are there minutes of commitee meetings? It would be useful to be able to show the parent who is complaining that the Commitee minutes show that the Commitee decided not to pursue the matter and that therefore the committee member was acting as an individual and not as a member of the committee. If there isn´t a minute of the meeting, it might be worth the Chairperson writing to the individual parent with the complaint advising that the Committee had taken a decision on (date)not to pursue the mattter and that any actions by the individual member should be taken up with that individual directly.
I hope the situation resolves itself.

re... : Committee Members           reply
30/11/2009 14:21 - Parents Associations
Many thanks for the advice.

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