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Colouring In/Homework

re : Colouring In/Homework           reply
17/01/2011 18:44 - Homework
Hi, find out what is going on during this colouring time, is the teacher doing group work with the other groups colouring. If so he will need extra encouragement to colour. Maybe a reward chart, links/cubes on his desk or the promise of a sticker on his forehead would prompt him to work harder. He is possibly rebelling to wearing his glasses in school or finding it hard to get used to seeing properly. Have you any concerns about his hearing? Encourage him to put his hand up for clarification when he is unsure of what to do. With regards to his phonics play I spy daily, using his sound(s) of the week. Put each letter on a card and play games - id the card you have turned up, give me a word beginnning with initial sound etc. Go on the internet, type in interactive phonics games - the list is endless. Good luck

Colouring In/Homework           reply
17/01/2011 11:56 - Homework
Hi All, I am new to this but really need advice, My Son is in Junior Infants, since he started in school last september I have had to do extra work with him at home catching up on Phonic´s , writing and colouring in. His teacher said he just was not getting the phonics and was/still is slower than the rest of the class at doing his colouring in. Since this started we have found out in December that he needed glasses badly. His optician explained he could not see in front off him that is badly long sighted and should have had then since he was one. He got his glasses 2 weeks before the christmas and is now used to them. Now his teacher is telling me he will not do his colouring in and their has been a change in his attitude the last two weeks since school commenced after the xmas holidays. I spoke to the teacherthis morning and informed her that I had spoken to my son about keeping up and that he told me he was not sure what he had to do and he had not enought time to finish the last work. She told me "well is that what he said" and made a face then said the other boys do it in time so why can´t he. I am furious with this she is the teacher and are they not supposed to accomodate/help all children if they are not up to speed. What do I do now? He is only 4 years 10 months and is that bit younger than alot in his clas most are 5 1/2 and nearly six. Please any comments greatly appreciated.

re... : Colouring In/Homework           reply
17/01/2011 20:48 - Homework
Hi Thanks for your reply,

I did not explain myself properly in my last post, his phonic´s are uptodate now after endless hours of hard work and continued work everyday and the glasses seemed to help tremendously, but it just seems after one problem is solved another has arisen, We have had no problem to date with his hearing but I could always ask his teacher if she noticed any problems but to be honest I would be hesitant as this is the same teacher I asked in November when the problems with Phonic´s was brought to our attention did she notice any problem with his eye sight and she replied no then she told me in December after i informed her he needed glasses she recognised it was his eyes earlier at the start of the school year so asking her is no go as I feel she is not reliant.Am I being overly touchy/causious. I will however take your advice on board and speak to her about rewarding him in order to encourage him to do his colouring in.

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