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College survey

College survey           reply
01/08/2012 10:49 - Childrens Health (Locality: Dublin North)
Hi all,

We are a group of three doing a practical thesis for our masters in e-commerce. We would appreciate primary school teachers help in filling out a survey.

The concept is an energy saving game that will be played in primary schools. The target audience will initially be 8 – 12 year olds in Ireland. The game will be based on a school´s actual energy consumption with the goal of reducing it to save money and also teach children about their carbon footprint from a young age. Children will be able to see the energy their school has used in real time via smart meter technology. Schools will compete against each other to reduce their overall energy consumption. The game will have an interactive element and provide tips that will mean that they have to continue on with activities after the game over the course of the school day. These activities will still be related to the game and reducing the overall carbon footprint.

The basic concept for the game is a character in a classroom whose main objective is to save electricity by turning off appliances, closing windows etc. The character must avoid energy hungry monsters in order to stay green and retain a high energy level. Bumping into these monsters will result in a loss of some energy and the character will have to earn more power by saving electricity.

We are looking for a teachers perspective in order to improve and develop our current concept. Thank you for your assistance.

Complete the survey here

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